“This Old House” Cast Salaries, Net Worth 2021

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“This Old House” is a brand with television displays, a newspaper and a blog, ThisOldHouse.com, for American home enhancement. The brand is based in Stamford, Connecticut. The television show broadcasts on the American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television network and follows a number of weeks of housing remodeling initiatives.

This Old House is created with WGBH Boston as the PBS transmitting channel by This Old House Ventures, Inc. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Domestic Television is distributing the series in syndication to commercial TV channels. Time Inc. introduced this journal of the Old House in 1995, concentrating on how-to, know-how and inspiration at home.

This old house Cast Salaries

Kevin O’Connor.

Kevin M O’Connor’s projected Net Worth is at least $6.04 million as of August 15, 2018. Mr. Connor holds more than 1,500 Bridge inventory units worth more than $4,395,025. He also makes $1,640,260 as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Bridge Director.

Image of This Old House cast Kevin O' Connor net worth is $6.04 million
This Old House cast Kevin O’ Connor net worth is $6.04 million

He was raised in a seven-strong family. He’s got, four sisters and four siblings. His dad was a civil engineer who led them to grow up in various places of work. He grew up in New Jersey, Maplewood.

He’s married to Kathleen. They have three kids together. He resides with his family in Hamilton, Massachusetts, in a Queen Anne Victorian house in 1894. Kevin takes $10,000 per episode of this old house as salary.

Norm Abram Salary, Net Worth.

Norm Abram is an American carpenter and actor from reality television with a net worth of $2.5 million. Born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Norm Abram grew up in Massachusetts, Milford. He graduated from Massachusetts-Amherst University, where he researched Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering.

Image of This Old House cast Norm Abram net worth is $2.5 million
This Old House cast Norm Abram net worth is $2.5 million

After graduation, he started to work for a building firm, and three years ago he established his own building business, Integrated Structures, Inc. He constructed a tiny shed for Russell Morash, a television producer, in 1979.

Mr. Morash was so pleased with the carpentry abilities that he asked him to become the main builder for a show called “This Old House,” which he produced for PBS. Since then he’s featured on the good series.

He also performed for 21 years at a spin-off show, “The New Yankee Workshop.” He is the writer of eight carpentry novels and has featured on other lists like “Between the Lions” and “Ace of Cakes.” Norm Abram’s salary is $10,00o per season.

Richard Trethewey Net Worth, Salary.

The net worth of Richard Trethewey is considered to be enormous. Richard Trethewey’s net worth is accumulated from the benefits he earned from the television shows and his job as a plumber, as well as from his company’s achievement.

However, to date, the personal value of Richard Trethewey has not yet been assessed precisely. Because of his successful future efforts, Richard Trethewey’s net worth is $1.6 million.

Image of This Old House cast Richard Trethewey net worth is $1.6 million
This Old House cast Richard Trethewey net worth is $1.6 million

The spouse of Richard Trethewey remains a mystery. The family has never carried Richard Trethewey’s spouse to the forefront and has always retained her identity in the dark. Two designated siblings, Evan Trethewey, and Ross Trethewey were born by the pair.

Both are engaged in their family company with Richard Trethewey’s brother. The family owns the business, RST Inc. and operates it. In the series, This Old House, Richard Trethewey’s kid is also sometimes seen. The family lives comfortably together and focuses on their business together. Richard Trethewey’s salary is $10,000 per season.

Tom Silva Net worth, Salary.

Tom Silva is best regarded as an American company for his appearances in the Emmy-winning series of home enhancement, This Old House. He has been involved in the series since 1984 as one of the primary cast employees. More than 30 episodes have been broadcasting on television since 2018. He was working on a novel titled, Homeowner’s Manual: Maintaining Your Home Advice in 2000.

He operates the company with his brother Richard and grandson Charles, the co-owner of Silva Brothers ‘ Construction, headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. Over the years, countless episodes of This Old House have highlighted their job.

Tom Silva has been married to Susan Silva and has two children. Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about Tom Silva’s education background. As far as we can tell, though, he has not gone to college.

Image of This Old House cast Tom Silva net worth is $5 million
This Old House cast Tom Silva net worth is $5 million

Tom Silva’s Net worth is $5 million and has been taking the salary of $4200 per episode of  “This Old House.”

Roger Cook Net Worth, Salary.

Roger Cook is an American landscape designer and television personality best recognized for his participation in the award-winning Emmy, PBS television series, This Old House.

He now resides in Burlington, Massachusetts, with his two kids in a suburban cape house. When he doesn’t work, he loves hunting for saltwater.

As per Glass Door, This Old House charges the amazing wages from $115 K to $125 K for their employee. He’s bagged some severe money throughout his life. His net worth is estimated at $11 million as of 2019.

Image of This Old House cast Roger Cook net worth is $11 million
This Old House cast Roger Cook net worth is $11 million

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