This Old House Cast Salaries Net Worth 2024

The PBS television program, This Old House first aired in 1979. To date, the show is still as exciting as ever and viewers love watching just as much as they did before. Kevin O’Connor hosts the show, O’Connor is a notable television personality who has been hosting the show after replacing Steve Thomas. 

The hit television series shows how houses are repaired and renovated under the instructions of the host. Because of its amazing storyline and interesting concept, the series has grown into one of the most popular programs. Today we will be exploring the net worth of the cast of This Old House so let’s dig more into this article. 

This Old House Cast Salaries

This Old House has a huge cast and production. Exploring its IMDB page there are eighteen cast members including Richard Trethewey, Norm Abram and Kevin O’Connor. Well, there are some known face personalities where most of the cast members haven’t appeared in the media limelight. There are multiple questions about the cast’s salary. 

Beginning with the host of the series, Kevin makes around $10,000 for every episode. Richard Trethewey is the contractor, plumbing and heating expert who earns  $10,000 per episode. L

ikewise, the master contractor, Norm Abram is also reported to take home a salary is $10,000 per episode. Norm has a long career history in the television world as he spent over 20 years on show’s spin-offs. 

Similarly, Tom Silva the generator contractor has a salary of $4200 per episode of  “This Old House.”  Steve Thomas is not a name for those who have been following the show from the beginning. Besides, Thomas earned $ 10000 as a host of the show. On the other hand, Landscape Contractors, Roger Cook and Jenn Nawada earn $ 5,000 per episode. However,  Cook is no more on the set of the show meanwhile Nawada has been working in This Old House since 2010 and now. 

As per the sources, the salary of the cast varies according to the role they are playing. Likewise, skills also matter as the majority of cast members haven’t gained as much media hype but have incredible skills and knowledge of the field. 

This Old House cast Richard Trethewey Net Worth

The is one of the famous plumbers and HVAC contractors who is famous for appearing in This Old House. Besides, Richard holds a net worth of $1.6 million and is also known as the most successful plumbers in America. The HVAC contractor is a registered master plumber in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Image of Richard Trethewey promoting a brand.

Furthermore, Richard has worked in the series Spin Off’s Ask This Old House and Inside This Old House. He is the second-longest cast member of This Old House. Additionally, Richard earns most of his wealth from his television career. Richard owns a company named  RST, Inc. in Westwood, Massachusetts. Hence, this could be another income source for Richard. For more updates, Richard is active on Instagram where he is registered as @thisoldplumber. 

Norm Abram Net Worth Revealed

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Norm Abram’s net worth is $2.5 Million. Norm is an American carpenter who shot to fame after appearing in the PBS television programs This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop. Apart from that, Norm is also a talented writer and television host. 

From an early age, Norm started his career working for a construction firm soon after that, he established his own company, Integrated Structures, Inc. Talking about his writing career, he is the author of eight books on carpentry. 

This Old House Cast Kevin O’Connor Net Worth

The American television personality, Kevin O’Connor leads a successful career following his hosting journey in This Old House. So, O’Connor’s networth is estimated to be at least 7.68 Million dollars. Kevin worked in multiple television series including Hidden History In Your House, This New House, Team Rubicon and more.

Image of Kevin's close ones.

Kevin debuted his television career in 1986 with Get Fresh. Apart from his television career, Kevin initially was a vice president of the Sports Finance Group. Later, he worked as a Senior Vice President in the Commercial Real Estate Group. O’Connor has been with the show for many years so this won’t be wrong to say that, he makes most of his earnings from his contribution to the show. 

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