Diesel Brothers Net Worth in 2021. (Diesel Dave, Heavy D, Red Beard, The Muscle)

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The diesel brothers, Diesel Dave and Heavy D purchase damaged diesel trucks and reconstruct them. Their company, Diesel Sellerz deals in the customization of both new and old vehicles and the sale of spare parts for diesel trucks and jeeps.

From the start of their business, the diesel brothers have designed and built many cars, making tremendous profits from their sales.

The reality TV show ‘Diesel brothers’ showcases the diesel brothers as they exercise their craftsmanship, educating their audience on the techniques of converting diesel vehicles headed for the heap into something amazing. Its recorded in Utah.

Learn about the Diesel Brothers cast net worth in 2021.

Heavy D ‘Diesel Brothers’ Net Worth.

Dave Sparks is an American businessman and vehicle builder, hailing from Lake city Utah. From his childhood, Heavy D has always had a passion to construct vehicles. His very first creation in 1976, a motorcycle, Yamaha Y280 became the most famous creation of all time.

For his high school education, Dave mainly studied fabrication, welding, and auto mechanics. He was later to become a manager for his friend’s auto mechanics business immediately after high school.

Not long after, Dave went to Webster state university. He was not thrilled by classroom experience, thus decided to quit after one semester to get real-world experience on his own.

In 2008, Heavy D started his venture, where he employed his longtime friend ‘Diesel Dave’ to assist him with the heavy equipment. After posting videos of their work constantly on social media, they gained an opportunity to feature on “The tonight show with Jay Leno,”  and after that, the discovery channel team was thrilled by their work and contacted them to showcase their work on the channel.

2008 seemed a lucky year for Heavy D since the same year, he got married in Holy matrimony to his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Bennet. Currently residing in Arizona, they are bringing up three adorable children; Charly, Beau, and Mack. They are currently celebrating their tenth anniversary.

As of 2021, Heavy D has a net worth of $2 million, an amount he has mainly made from the show ‘Diesel brothers.’ However, he is a secret man, so nobody has even the tiniest detail about the exact salary that he brings in. His age also remains a mystery.

Diesel Dave ‘Kiley’ from Diesel Brothers Net Worth.

Diesel Dave’s turn point in life was when he met heavy D at a church when a fuel mess occurred on Heavy D’s vehicle, and Diesel Dave saved Heavy D from the mess. The diesel brother then discovered that they had a common interest where later on, they funded Dieselsellerz which was their turning point before they got on TV.

The American diesel vehicles builder has been featuring on “Diesel brothers” episode after episode since January 4, 2016. On his love life and family life, Diesel Dave is married to Susan, whom he had dated for many years. Together, they share a 4-year-old daughter, Saylor Fe Diesel and are expecting another kid. They are a happy family, and diesel Dave frequently flaunts his family on social media.

Image of Diesel Dave Net Worth
Diesel Dave Net Worth

Diesel Brothers cast Diesel Dave’s net worth is over $2 million in 2021. He is currently 50 yrs old. The exact age of Diesel Dave is unknown, given that he has not provided any fine details.

Josh ‘Red Beard’ Stuart Net Worth.

Josh Stuart also known as Red Beard due to his visible signature red long Beard, grew up in Roosevelt, UT in Uintah Basin. He came across Diesel Dave and Heavy D through a group of mutual friends.

As an already established businessman in the field of diesel vehicles, the savvy business chap would be of great help for the then-budding entrepreneurs, the diesel brothers. The trio bonded well and Josh Stuart guided them on business strategies step by step until their business was fully established.

Image of Josh Stuart Net Worth
Josh Stuart Net Worth

On his personal life, he is a family man and says that he is married to a hot woman, and with four kids out of the deal. He seems a visibly happy man since he confesses that his wife is the best thing that happened in his life so far. Josh Stuart has not revealed his age yet.

Josh Stuart from Diesel Brothers’ Net Worth is $900,000.

The Muscle Diesel Brothers Net Worth.

Keaton Hoskins Aka the muscle hails from Utah.

He has a great passion for football and diesel trucks. Since the 8th grade, Diesel Dave and ‘The Muscle’ have been good friends, owing to their mutual interest in diesel trucks.

The muscle assists the diesel brothers in finding rare parts of diesel trucks and also donates some to the USA army. Not only does the muscle work at Diesel Sellerz but, he is also a personal fitness trainer, helping people achieve fitness goals.

Image of The Muscle Net Worth
The Muscle Net Worth

On his marital status, Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins is currently divorced, but he and his ex-wife Jenny seem to be at peace with each other, given that they are peacefully co-parenting their two beautiful daughters.

It is estimated that Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins from Diesel Brothers’ net worth is $500 thousand, an amount he has garnered from TV shows, bodybuilders competitions and a part-time job as a personal trainer. His age remains a mystery since he has not disclosed it yet.

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