Storage Wars Cast Salaries Net Worth 2024

Storage Wars is the American reality show that has just released its 15th season on August 15, 2023. Storage Wars and its cast members have become the favourite of many people since its release in 2010. The show follows professional buyers who purchase the contents of storage lockers that have been abandoned or unpaid for. 

The buyers then have the opportunity to explore the locker contents, often without learning exactly what they are getting, and potentially find valuable or interesting items inside. Moreover, season 15 of Storage Wars features veterans and viewers are concerned about their earnings which have been shared here.

Storage Wars Cast Salary

The cast was usually earning around $2,000 per episode. Following the show’s success, the cast of Storage Wars began making more money. The original members of the show were taking home over $15,000 per episode. One of the cast members revealed getting paid $25,000 per episode. 

Brandi Passante has been part of the show since its release. She earned over $15,000 in a single episode. Jarrod Schulz is the other cast who is also famous for being the husband of Brandi Passante. Jarrod left the show in 2019 making more than $25,000.

Another valuable cast member of Storage Wars is Laura Dotson. She has remained active in the auctioneering business for three decades. Laura’s work on the show helped her make at least $15,000 per episode while her husband Dan Doston made a similar amount of cash during his time at Storage Wars. Meanwhile, the father-son duo Darrell Sheets and Brandon Sheets earned over $25,000.

Storage Wars Cast Thom Beers Net Worth

Thom Beers is the narrator of Storage Wars who has a massive wealth. According to various online sources, Beers is estimated to have a net worth of over $25 million. Beers has worked with Turner Broadcasting and Paramount Syndicated Television which helped him preserve this huge fortune. 

Image of Storage Wars cast Thom Beers.

In addition to that, Thom is also the CEO and Executive Producer at Original Productions. Apart from being famous for his work in Storage Wars, Thom has worked in other television shows such as Ice Road Truckers, Swords: Life on the Line, Verminators, Wild Justice, and Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Since 2014, he has been working as an executive producer of a series called Bering Sea Gold. Furthermore, Beers is still working actively as a producer and narrator. 

Justin Bryant Net Worth In 2024

Justin Bryant has a net worth of at least $1 million. He makes money from investing in storage lockers in his free time. Further, Bryant is also recognized as the youngest buyer in the history of Storage Wars, making the purchase just at the age of 21.

Image of Justin Bryant.

After making a good profit, Bryant even bought his mother a house. Bryant started to get more success in his professional life and later hired his older brother to help him out. Meanwhile, he is doing well in his life and Justin can be followed on Instagram under the username @justin2123_.

Looper once published an article saying that Bryant made a post about his marriage with Evelyn Leon. However, Bryant has kept his account private. Reportedly, the duo even has two daughters.

Barry Weiss Net Worth Is In Millions

Barry Weiss is a storage hunter and car collector having a net worth of $10 million. He became the cast of Storage Wars in 2010. Before appearing on television, Weiss had another way of earning. He and his brother established themselves in the produce business. Weiss spent over two decades building a wholesale produce business. Later, he retired to focus on storage hunting.

The storage hunting work flourished rapidly increasing Barry’s wealth. Once, Weiss opened up about his earnings in Storage Wars. Barry said that he didn’t make money similar to his co-stars as he kept most of the items to himself rather than selling them. Meanwhile, Weiss lives a lavish life with his impressive bank balance.

Image of Barry Weiss who starred in Storage Wars.

He loves cars and has an outstanding car collection. Barry is the owner of a 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac which can also be seen in Storage Wars. Furthermore, Barry resides in LA’s exclusive Laughlin Park neighbourhood where he has a lavish home worth at least $3 and $4 million. 

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