Storage Wars cast Net Worth, Salary 2021 and Bio.

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Storage wars is a reality show aired on A&E network. Narrated by Thom Beers, the show focuses on the auctioneering of storage lockers in California whose rent has not been settled for three months.

The professional buyers of the storage lockers inspect them from the door for only 5 minutes before they bid on them. They are not allowed to enter into the storage lockers.

At the end of each episode, the net profit or net loss of the bidders is calculated, immediately after summing up the net worth of the items in the lockers. The reality show has increased its number of viewers season by season and has become one of the highest rated shows by critics since it’s season premiere.

Brandi Passante From Storage Wars Net Worth is $2 Million.

With a thriving career as a TV personality and fashion designer, Brandi Passante has managed to have a huge net worth of $2 million. Her clothing company ‘Outlaw Apparel‘ contributes a huge percentage to her net worth. Her salary per episode of storage wars is $15,000. She was born on 16th May 1980 in the USA.

Image of Brandi Passante Net Worth

In 2006, she first appeared on the ‘American Talk Show‘ with Rachael Ray. Not long after that, alongside her hubby Jarrod Schulz, she featured on Storage wars in 2010 as one of the original cast members.

Her love life is filled with happiness, because she has already tied the not with the love of her life, TV actor Jarrod Schulz is her husband and as said before, they gained a debut to the storage wars together.The duo are now parents to two kids; Payton and Camren. The family of four lives in Lake Forest, California.

Laura Dotson From Storage Wars Net Worth is $5 million.

Laura Dotson, born on 13th May 1968 in East Los Angeles, California and currently 53 years old has been in the auctioneering business for 33years now. In partnership with her husband Dan Dotson, She owns an auction company in Riverside, California known as “American auctioneers“. In December 2010, she and her husband featured in A&E’s Storage wars reality television series.

Image of Laura Dotson Net Worth

According to information on reliable sources, Laura Dotson from Storage Wars has a net worth of $5 million, brought in by her auctioneering business and appearance on numerous television shows.

The 53-year-old star is currently a mom to three children; one biological son and two stepsons from Dan’s previous marriage.

Dave Hester from Storage Wars Net Worth is $4 Million.

Dave Hester is an American Television star famous for Storage wars and being a CEO of Dave Hester Auctions. He was born on 23 July 1964 to a German- Irish father and Mexican mother. Following the path that his dad had taken in life, Dave Hester gained a strong interest in an auction which rose up till he gained a spotlight after featuring on storage wars in 2010.

Image of Dave Hester Net Worth

With this kind of fame and success, Dave Hester has been able to accumulate a whopping sum of money and his net worth has risen up to an estimated $4 million.

He’s a family man. Married to Donna Hester and a dad to one kid, Dave Jr.

Jarrod Schulz: $2 Million.

Jarrod Schulz is an actor who hails from Long Beach California, with his date birth being October 15, 1977.

Image of Jarrod Schulz Net Worth

His first job was a sales manager for a carpet cleaning company in Tustin, California. Later on, he started investments in fashion designs and storage units buying which are thriving well so far.

From TV appearances on Storage wars and several other shows such as Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the job, Schulz has been able to garner a huge wealth, with an annual salary of $700,000. Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars’ net worth is $2 Million. More credits to this huge net worth go to his business of storage unit buying.

Darrell Sheets: $5 Million.

Darrell Sheets, Born on May 13, 1958, in California USA, is a renowned TV actor who has always had an interest in storage hunting since his childhood days. He has gotten to the spotlight courtesy of the Storage wars for being a risk taker, acquiring the name “The Gambler” in the show.

Image of Darrell Sheets Net Worth

Due to his attitude and determination to take up huge risks, Darrell Sheets made lots of profit from storage hunting, with his most memorable being in 2012, where he bided $3600 on a storage locker which had Frank Guttierez art collection worth $300,000.

Unlike other celebrities who post every detail of the happenings in their lives on social media, Frank Guttierez prefers to keep his personal details out of the limelight, with little information about him known to the public except the fact that he has a son, Brandon Sheets and he is currently engaged to Romney Snyder.

Storage Wars cast Darrell Sheets’ Net Worth is $5 Million.

Dan Dotson: $5 Million.

Dan Dotson was born on November 23, 1962, and has been in auctioneering business for 47 years now, having been taught auctioneering by his grandfather at an early age of 11 years. He co-owns ‘American Auctioneers’ with his wife Laura Dotson.

In the Storage wars Show, Dan Dotson is the leading auctioneer. His career in auctioneering began when he started working at an auction house in Riverside. Later on, Dan Dotson founded in conjunction with his wife. The Internet portal provides self-storage auctions.

Image of Dan Dotson Net Worth

With a visible thrive in auctioneering business, Dan Dotson’s Net Worth is estimated to be $5 million. As mentioned earlier, his wife is Laura Dotson. He is a dad to 3 kids.

Mary Padian From Storage Wars Net Worth is $600,000.

Mary Padian is a renowned TV personality, journalist and businessman who is currently in the limelight at the present moment for her participation in storage wars. Currently 41 years old, Mary Padian’s birthplace is Dallas Texas. She celebrates her birthday on the 24, August.

Mary Padian has been a creative learner since she was a child and now owns a shop ‘Mary Finds’, where she showcases her collections. She is a photojournalism graduate from the University of Texas, Class of 2003.

Image of Mary Padian Net Worth

She’s a quite secretive star when it comes to her personal life. The only relationship she made public was with Dylan. She has not spoken about Dylan for a long time now, so we’d have to conclude that they broke up and she is currently single at the moment. Mary Padian’s current net worth is $600,000 with $50,000 as salary per season from storage wars.

Ivy Calvin: $1.5 Million.

Ivy Calvin was born on September 10, 1971, thus currently 50 years old. Since 2012, he has gained popularity due to his appearance on A&E’s reality Television series storage wars.

Image of Ivy Calvin Net Worth

For his education, Ivy Calvin attended California State University in Northridge where he was active in the university’s football team. Before getting away in the entertainment industry, Calvin was a professional football player and martial arts fighter.

Ivy Calvin’s net worth is currently estimated to be $1.5 million, while his salary still remains unknown. Currently, Calvin is in a marriage union with Wendy Calvin. No information on whether they have kids together or not had been revealed.

Brandon Sheets from Storage Wars Net Worth is $400,000.

Brandon Sheets has made a huge sum of money from the ‘Storage Wars‘, with his current net worth now estimated to be over $400,000. His birthdate is 26th December 1983, thus he just recently celebrated his 38th birthday.

Image of Brandon Sheets Net Worth

No detail on his formal education has been revealed. Brandon sheets and his father Darrell Sheets own an online store where they swap the items bought from the storage lockers per week.

So far, Brandon and his dad have been lucky enough to purchase lockers containing valuable paintings by Picasso and Gutierrez, a letter by Abraham Lincoln and a collection of comedy write-ups.

On his love life, Brandon is a happily married man. He is married to Melissa Sheets. They share one cute daughter named Abby Sheets.

Barry Weiss: $10 million.

Barry Weiss was introduced to join the Storage wars by his good friend Thom Beers, the producer and narrator of the show. Before his appearance on the reality television show, he was a chairman and CEO of universal public records and co-owner of Northern produce company.

Image of Barry Weiss Net Worth

The hard work over the years has been financially rewarding, given that at the present moment, Barry Weiss’ net worth is $10 million. His exact salary is still under review but from the huge net worth, it is evident that the star earns a huge amount of cash.

A tiny detail that he is the father of 2 kids is the only one present to the general public. Whether he is in a marriage union with anyone remains an unknown issue.

He was born on 11th February 1951 in California United states. He’s gained the nickname ‘The collector’ due to his love for antique collection.

Thom Beers.

Thom Beers was born on July 20, 1952. He has gotten to the spotlight for being a highly rated and talented reality television producer, narrator and voice-over artist.

Since the mid-1990s, Thom Beers has been a producer, is the CEO and executive producer of original productions. He has produced and narrated over 40 shows, including the famous ‘Deadliest Catch‘ on the discovery channel.

Image of Thom Beers Net Worth

On his personal life, Thom Beers is a happily married man since he managed to convince the woman of his dreams, Leslie Beers, into marrying him. Leslie Beers is also a celebrity, well known as the president of Amyglada music. They together have one son Max Beers. Thom Beers holds an astonishing net worth of $25 million, earned through his production job.

Nabila Hanis.

Nabila Hanis was born in the year 1965 on 22nd October. She rose to fame after purchasing a storage unit which luckily contained the items of socialite Paris Hilton.

Nabila, later on, sold the storage locker for $10 million, thereby making a supernormal profit from the storage which she had bought for less than $3 thousand. Nabila Hanis’ net worth is $10 Million and she brings in a salary of $30,000 per episode.

Image of Nabila Haniss Net Worth

She has been married for 35 years now to her high school sweetheart and is a mother to two kids. She is a low key celebrity who prefers to save her family from public scrutiny. The names of her husband and kids, therefore, remain undercover.

Casey Nezhoda: $1.5 Million.

47-year-old Casey Nezhoda is a businesswoman and reality star who has garnered a net worth of $1.5 million so far. She and her husband are known as the ‘Bargain Hunters’ since they normally bargain for auctions and own a seven thousand square feet bargain hunters thrift store in Poway, California.

Image of Casey Nezhoda Net Worth

She has been married to Rene Nezhoda since 2008. They are now celebrating their 10th year anniversary in marriage. They have been together in the storage wars show since 2013. About their children, the couple has a cute young daughter Tatiana to show off from their marriage.

No divorce or conflict rumors have been heard since they got married, so it would be okay to conclude that the duo are enjoying the marriage just perfectly. Perhaps their peace is due to the submissive and humble nature of Casey who can not pick up any jewelry for herself from the storage lockers without her husband’s consent.

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