Debbie Higgins Mccall Death and Cause of Death.

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Debbie Higgins Mccall was Dr. Phil’s ex-wife. She is one of the many individuals who, due to their association with a more prominent figure, have been pushed into the spotlight. Here, in this article, we have collected all the information regarding Debbie Higgins’ net worth and cause of death. Keep scrolling down to learn more!

Who is Debbie Higgins?

There is very little information about Debbie Higgins’ childhood. However, it was verified that she was born in the late 50s, although her actual birth date is unknown. Debbie was born in the United States of America.

She was an American by citizenship, and Debbie was white in regards to her background. She grew up in Kansas and attended high school at the Shawnee Mission. It was here that she met and fell in love with Phil McGraw, who was a famous college football player. Debbie Higgins, on the other hand, was a star cheerleader.

Their friends also mentioned that the pair was inseparable. At the age of 20, the couple got into an early marriage.

Image of Editor, Debbie Higgins
Editor, Debbie Higgins

At the Massachusetts Institute of Commerce, Debbie Higgins had her tertiary education. She had a good career as an editor before her marriage and worked on movie projects like Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence and Christy Mathewson Day.

It is also believed that Dr. Phil McGraw’s ex-wife Debbie Higgins’ net worth must be in the shape of millions as she lived a comfortable life without any man’s assistance.

Higgins McCall’s Married life and Divorce With Phill McGraw.

Debbie Higgins McCall characterized the conduct of Phil McGraw as domineering and philandering in their marriage, as he forced her to raise weights to look a certain way, whereas he kept dealing with different females.


While she was running a health spa, she got several accounts of her escapades, but the final straw came when she arrived back from a journey and realized that Phill had brought several females back.

He made little of it when he confronted her then-husband about it, saying it wasn’t something uncommon and she had better get used to it. She decided she had enough at this stage and asked for a divorce.

How did Debbie Higgins Die?

Not a lot of information is available in regards to Debbie Higgin’s personal life. As such, the public did not hear about her passing until it had happened. Debbie succumbed to cancer. That much we were able to uncover.

Image of Debbie Higgins died due to cancer
Debbie Higgins died due to cancer

Debbie Higgins Mccall Cause of Death.

As mentioned earlier, Debbie Higgins died after a prolonged battle with cancer, according to her brother, Bill Higgins. However, we were not able to determine the exact type of cancer she suffered from.

Debbie Higgins left behind a daughter Marci Mccall, and a brother, Bill Higgins.

Quick Info.

Birthplace: United States Of America
Marital status: Married 1970- Dr. Phil McGraw

Divorced 1973

Children: None
Professionalism: Editor
Ethnicity: White

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