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Joseph Ward Simmons is a well-known American actor, musician, and rapper. Many know him as Rev Run, his stage name. He is among the founding members of Run DMC, a popular hip-hop group. Rev Run is a practicing minister.

In this role, he is known as Reverend Run. Simmons is also one of the founders of Run House, the reality MTV show. Rev Run’s net worth, as of 2021, is $70 million.

Joseph Simmons was born in New York in November 1964. His parents were Evelyn and Daniel Simmons. He is the younger brother of Danny and Russell Simmons.

Russell is known as the founder of Def Jam Recordings. Simmons launched his music career in 1978. At that time, he became a deejay for Kurtis Blow. Henceforth, he started using the nickname DJ Run.

Rev Run’s Net Worth, $70 Million- Assets, and Sources of Income.

He received many endorsements and lucrative recording deals while working with his successful MDC group. For instance, from 1988 the group released four albums in quick succession; Tougher than Leather, Down with the King, From Hell (1990), and Crown Royal (2001).

One of the group’s leading members, Jam Master Jay was killed in 2002 while working in his studio. His death so shook Simmons that he decided to leave music and become a Pentecostal minister. He has since served under the name Reverend Run.

However, in 2005 Rev Run returned to his music and released his first solo album known as Distortion. At this time, he also started hosting Run’s House, a reality TV show which featured his family. Part of his current $70 million worth of wealth also comes from the proceeds of this favorite reality television show.

Most of Rev Run’s $70 million Net worth of wealth came from his music career.

The former group member of the Run-DMC was able to amass such wealth thanks to the pioneering ventures of hip-hop music as well as other business ventures.

He also served, at one time, as President of the athletics and footwear division of a company known as Phat Farm. The company was owned by his brother, during some highly successful years. Rev Run owns several luxurious homes and a fleet of high-end cars.

Rev Run Work Highlights.

Let’s look at the career that gave Rev Run a huge net worth.

The hip-hop group, Run-D.M.C, signed up in 1983 with Profile Records. The group succeeded reasonably well with its first single ‘It’s Like That’. It soon rose to No. 14 on the R&B chart.

It much helped the group to produce their debut album a little later on in 1984. Run MDC’s soaring momentum continued with the release, in 1985, of the hit album, ‘King Rock.’

The real breakthrough for the popular group, however, came in 1985 when they released Walk Away. This was a rap version of the smash hit by Aerosmith. Indeed, the song was a major hit and is still considered to be among the most popular rap songs.

Joseph Ward Simmons Net Worth
Joseph Ward Simmons Net Worth

The track was an entirely new force to hit the airwaves. It was a blend of Run-D.M.C’s rap style mixed with the powerful rock vocals of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry’s masterful guitar riffs. The song made this hip-hop group turn into a household name.

Rev Run DMC broke up temporarily in the late 1980s, but soon reconfigured in 1993. It released a new album known as Down with the King, before going under, once again. The group again got back together in 2000 to release Crown Royal. This was soon followed up with other releases.

In 2002, a tragedy befell the MDC group when Jam Master Jay was killed while in his studio in Queens, New York. Remarkably, in 2009, Run-D.M.C was hushed into the Hall of Fame of Rock and Roll. It became only the second rap group to be given this honor.

Best highlights of the Rev Run’s career:

Song Rock Box, (1984)

Song, It’s Tricky (1986)

Song, Walk This Way (1986)

Song, Word is Born (1990)

Song, Born Ditty ( 2005)

Album, Distortion (2005)

Joseph Ward Simmons Quick Information:

Name: Joseph Ward Simmons

Net worth: $70 million.

Career: Rapper, DJ, singer, actor

Spouse: Justin Jones.

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