Lana Del Rey Net Worth.

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If you are a music fan, then Lana Del Rey also known as Lizzy, is not a stranger. She went to school not to sing, but the talent was not going to let her off. Keep reading this article and know how Lana Del Rey has managed to build a career worth mentioning. Lana Del Rey Net Worth revealed here.

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Who is Lana Del Rey? His career info.

Lana Del Rey is a famous American singer and songwriter. Lana is popular for her music genre called stylised cinematic quality which denotes the pop culture that was enjoyed in the 1950ѕ аnd 1960ѕ Аmеrісаnа.

Lana Del Rey was born as Elizabeth Wooldridge Grant in New York City. Lana was born on June 21st, 1985, making her 36 years of age. She is born to father, Robert England Grant, and mother, Patricia Ann “Pat” (née Hill). She grew up with her younger sister and brother; Caroline Grant and Charlie Grant. She is an American citizen of White ethnicity. Lana Del Rey went to Catholic Elementary school.

At 15 years she had developed a drinking problem, and her parents moved her to Кеnt Ѕсhооl.  She gets an opportunity to study at Gеnеѕео Ѕtаtе Unіvеrѕіtу of Nеw York, but she preferred to live with her uncle and aunt in Long Island. Lana’s uncle taught her to play the guitar. It is at this point that she starts to write songs.

Lana Del Rey Net Worth

Lana realises an opportunity and begins to sing in night clubs as ‘Sparkle Jump Rope Queen’. At the age of 18, Lana decides to move back to her family in New York, joining Fordham Unіvеrѕіtу where she graduates with a degree in Philosophy.

On graduating, she changes location to Brooklyn and lives there for four years. It is when in Brooklyn that she realizes that she can chase a music career after dropping the option of being a social worker.

Work Highlight.

Lana Del Rey’s career kicked off officially in 2005. She released her first EP in 2008 called ‘Kill Kill’ with her name as Lizzy Grant. She then releases another album with the name Lana Del Ray. Three years later in 2011, Lana uploaded her songs ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans’ on her YouTube channel.

This was her breakthrough. Her fan base expanded from then and asked for more from her. Lana releases another album ‘Born to Die’ which rose to fame. In 2014, she releases ‘Honeymoon’, ‘Lust for Life’ in 2017, and Norman Fucking Rockwell in 2019.

Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2021: $14 Million.

How wealthy is Lana Del Rey? She has had a successful singing career which she has managed to sell millions of copies of her albums building her a high net worth. She has also won enviable awards such as Brit Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards which have earned her hefty payments.

It is estimated that Lana Del Rey has a net worth of $14 million. Much of this wealth comes from the earnings in her music career. ‘Born to Die’ sold 2.8 million copies in 2012 being named as the best-selling album.

She has earned $8,000,000 from her album, ‘Воrn tо Dіе’, and $125,000 from her ‘Раrаdіѕе’ ЕР. She has earned $2 million from her breakthrough single ‘Vіdео Gаmеѕ’.

Lana Del Rey’s income is not only limited to music as she gets work to endorse brands such as Мulbеrrу & Јаguаr, making her good earnings.

House & Cars details

Lana Del Rey has converted her wealth to a good life. She has bought a house in Malibu, California worth $3 million.

Name Elizabeth Wooldridge aka Lana Del Rey
Net worth $14 million
Profession Singer and songwriter
Boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill and G-Eazy.
Age 36 years

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