Mariah Lynn Net Worth: How Much is Mariah Lynn Worth in 2021?

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Mariah Lynn (real name: Mariah Lynn Jacoby-Araujo. ) has rags to riches story. Life has pushed her to extremes that she never asked for. Such is the story of Mariah who has to do menial jobs to fend for her siblings as her parents were in and out of jail. Read this to know Mariah Lynn Net Worth.

Who is Mariah Lynn?

Mariah Lynn is a famous American hip hop star, who became famous for her appearances in the favourite VH1 reality show, ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’.

Mariah was born on July, 17th, 1990, in Jersey City, New Jersey, the USA making her 31 years. The fourth child in the family, Mariah is born to her Italian-American mother, Tasha Jacoby, and father, Raphael Araujo.

Raphael is a Puerto-Rican.

Her parents have had a very tumultuous relationship with their children as they were in and out of jail. This made Mariah grow up living from one foster home to another, making it difficult to trace her educational background. For all these reasons, Mariah had to start fending for her siblings at a very young age as she focused to become a music artist. She has worked as a stripper in a club and a go-go dancer.

Mariah Lynn Net Worth

Mariah is a great rap artist, and she used this as a way to pull herself from the troubles in her life. This eventually has paid off. Let us see some of her work highlights.

Work Highlight.

Mariah Lynn kept her dancing career as a hustle job, and she was noticed by a Mr Coop who introduced her to a famous New York DJ called DJ Self. DJ self was her lady luck helping her release her first single called ‘Once Upon a Time’ in 2015. This song is such a hit receiving over 10 million views on YouTube.

This is later followed by another hit called ‘Money Gun’ which has over 3 million views. These songs brought so much attention to her, and the real breakthrough came knocking. VH1 reality producers came looking, and she opened the doors for a deal on the ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ show. Mariah Lynn’s appearance on the show has put her on the hall of fame and built her higher net worth than she did when dancing. Mariah’s work is on her YouTube channel ‘MariahLynn’.

Mariah Lynn Net Worth 2021 is $300,000.

How much is Mariah Lynn Worth? Mariah makes her money mainly from her rapping career and reality TV personality. She got into ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ in the 6th season, which makes her very new compared to other celebs who have appeared longer and made more money.

She has a unique personality that has pulled fans to like her. The show’s producers are upbeat about her role. She has made a lot of money from her hit songs, which received millions of views on YouTube. This has gotten her some good payouts from Google.

So, what would you say is her wealth level? Credible sources have estimated Mariah Lynn net worth to be $300,000. Much of this wealth has been gained from her appearances on the VH1 reality TV show. The other portion is gained from her music sales. Mariah’s wealth will keep growing.

Mariah Lynn is still in the business of fending for her younger siblings, and so she is not as flashy now that her net worth is still growing.

Name Mariah Lynn Jacoby-Araujo aka Mariah Lynn
Net worth $300,00
Profession Singer and songwriter
Ex-Boyfriends Rich Dollaz, Cisco Rosado, and James R
Age 31 years

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