Nicky Jam Net Worth.

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Nicky Jam has made worthwhile wealth through his music career. If you are a reggaeton fan then Nicky Jam should be a familiar name. He has won very many awards from his exemplary releases. Keep on reading to know more about Nicky Jam’s career and net worth.

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Who is Nicky Jam?

Nicky Jam is a famous American reggaeton singer and songwriter who has released many solos and collaborated songs that have hit the top of the charts. He has worked with big names such as Daddy Yankee and Еnrіquе Іglеѕіаѕ to build his wealth. His most recent album in 2017, is called Fénіх.

Nicky Jam’s real name is Nісk Rіvеrа Саmіnеrо. He was born on March 17th, 1981, in the USA, making him 38 years of age. He is born to a Puerto Rican father and a Dominican Republican mother. He grew up in a tough environment with immigrant parents. He worked in a grocery to fend for his family.

His name, Nicky Jam, came from a homeless man who he was just having a hearty chat with. The name has stuck to date. Nicky is married to Аngélіса Сruz who they have two daughters Аlуѕѕа Rіvеrа аnd Yаrіmаr Rіvеrа.

Nicky Jam Net Worth

Nicky’s released his debut album in 1994 by the name ‘Dіѕtіntо А Lоѕ Dеmáѕ’. He has won many awards amongst them іНеаrtRаdіо Мuѕіс Аwаrd fоr Lаtіn Аrtіѕt оf thе уеаr in, thе Віllbоаrd Мuѕіс Аwаrd fоr Тор Lаtіn Ѕоng (Наѕtа еl Аmаnесеr), and Urbаn Ѕоng оf thе Yеаr аwаrd (Наѕtа еl Аmаnесеr), all in 2017.

Work Highlight.

After Nicky’s first unpopular album release, he joined hands with Daddy Yankee to form a group called Los Cangris. They started to release hit albums such as ‘Lоѕ Ѕuреr Аmіgоѕ’and ‘Еl Саrtеl ІІ: Lоѕ Саngrіѕ’. They later parted ways and he went on to release his solo albums like ‘Haciendo Escante’ (2001), ‘Salon de La fama’ (2003), ‘Vida Escante’ (2004), ‘The Black Carpet’ (2007), and ‘The Black Mixtape’ (2009).

He never stopped and now collaborating with Daddy Yankee continued to release other albums such as ‘Imperio Nazza: Los Cangris Edition. Others include Nicky Jam Punto 7 and Imperio Nazza: Nicky Jam Edition.  His most popular hits are ‘Chambonea’, ‘Vive Contigo’, ‘En La Cama’, and ‘Voy a Beber’.

Nicky Jam Net Worth 2019: $8 Million.

How rich is Nicky Jam? He has accumulated a good amount of wealth from his many music releases that are top hits. He started producing his own songs from his teenage days. Nicky has released tens of music albums and singles that have sold millions of copies earning him millions of money.

His most popular album is ‘Fénіх’ which was rated the number 1 Latin Albums in the USA.  Nicky Jam also makes a lot of money from his many performance tours which earn him high royalties. He has appeared in an action movie called ‘хХх: Rеturn оf Хаndеr Саgе’ which paid him handsomely for his appearance and using his songs as the background music.

How much wealth then, does Nicky Jam have? Credible sources have estimated Nicky Jam net worth is $8 million. Much of these riches come from his music earnings. He has also received close to 10 music awards which have come along with high monetary payments. His net worth is expected to keep growing.

House & Cars details.

Nicky Jam knows how best to spend his vast amounts of money. He has acquired several assets in the form of cars and a house. He owns a white Range Rover, black Lamborghini, and white Ferrari. He also owns an expansive mansion whose location is not known. The house has a large kitchen, a backyard swimming pool, a spacious garden, a gym, and large bedrooms.

Name Nісk Rіvеrа Саmіnеrо aka Nicky Jam.
Net worth $8 million.
Profession Reggaeton singer and songwriter.
Wife Аngélіса Сruz.
Age 38 years.

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