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Yandy Smith is a producer, businesswoman, actress, and reality television star. She is renowned for being part of the popular VH1 reality series, ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York.’ Yandy first appeared on the show during its second season. Get to know more about Yandy Smith’s net worth.

From then onwards, she has appeared on the show. She is the longest-lasting cast member of the show. So far, Yandy has appeared on nine seasons of the reality television show.

Yandy Smith is very popular on social media. She has over 2.5 million likes on her Facebook page. On Instagram, she has around 6.1 million followers. On Twitter, she has 879,000 followers. Continue reading to explore Yandy Smith’s wiki info.

Yandy Smith Net Worth 2021.

She’s made a massive percentage of income from ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York.’ She brings in $10,000 per episode of the series. Yandy has also appeared on several other television shows like Hip Hop Squares, Big Morning Buzz life, Love & Hip hop: Check Yourself, and the thriller ‘Canal Street.’

Another income source for Yandy Smith’s net worth is from her business. She is the owner of Yelle Beauty and Co-owner of ‘Everything Girls Love.’ Yelle beauty generally deals with cosmetic products.

On the other hand, ‘Everything Girls Love’ is a women’s lifestyle brand. The brand’s magazine publishes articles on fashion, wellness, finance, and love.

Additionally, Yandy is a highly sought-after motivational speaker. She frequently does motivational talks to various groups of women. Yandy is also a writer. She is the author of the book ‘The Beauty of Branding in business.’

The book is a guide to budding entrepreneurs. Yandy strongly believes in giving back to society. Due to this strong belief, she founded the program ‘Partner Uplifting our daughters’ (P.U.D) to promote emotional wellness and girl child education.

Yandy Smith has a net worth of $15 million as of 2021.

Like other celebrities, Yandy does endorsements for several products. She charges $15,000 per endorsement.

With so many income sources in Yandy Smith’s $15 Million Net Worth, Yandy is living a luxurious life. She owns four expensive diamond rings. Most importantly, she possesses a costly apartment in the Bronx, New York. Also, Yandy owns a golden range rover worth around $89,500.

Yandy Smith Net Worth
Yandy Smith-Harris Net Worth is $15 Million

Her photos on social media say it all about her luxurious lifestyle. She always has expensive branded bags and expensive high-quality jewelry on the photos.

To maintain a good physique, Yandy underwent plastic surgery and maintenance. She now has breast implants.

Yandy Smith Husband and Married Life.

Yandy Smith is currently married to Mendeecees Harris, a businessman, Television star, and music manager. The two got married on May 25, 2015, after dating for a while.

Their wedding was featured on the series ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York as a special episode. Mendeecees is the owner of the music recording studio ‘Beat Factory’ situated in the Bronx.

Yandy and Meceendees met while featuring in the show ‘Love and Hip Hop: New York.’ Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris have two kids together; Skylar Smith and Omere Harris.

Yandy Smith’s marriage life has been full of hardships. Her husband Mendeecees has been convicted of so many crimes, including raping a minor. Through all this, Yandy Smith has defended her husband.

Mendeecees Harris was sentenced to 8 years behind bars. His sentence was because of the trafficking of drugs from New York City to Rochester. He is set to be set free by the end of 2019.

Once released, he will be back to the show Love and Hip Hop. Mendeecees is a dad to four children, Aasim, Mendeecees Harris Jr, Skylar Smith and Omere Harris. 2 of the kids are with Yandy Smith while 2 of the kids are with different babies mamas.

Aasim’s mom is Erika Deshazo, while Mendeecees’s mom is Samantha Wallace. Mendeecees Harris is 43 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 26th October.

Yandy Smith Wiki, Biography.

Yandy Smith was born on March 19, 1982, in Harlem, New York, to mother, Laura Smith, and father, Ralph Smith.

She attended Howard University to study a degree in Business management. After school, she first worked for Warner Bros Music in California.

She worked as a top assistant at Violator management. So far, she has managed top musicians like Jim Jones, 50 cents, LL Cool J, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes. After exiting Violator management, Yandy became president of Monami entertainment, Mona Scott Young’s television production company.

In 2008, she was among the top 30 executives under 30 years. Later in 2012, Yandy Smith and her friend Noel Colloway produced the movie ‘Life, Love and Soul.’ She then appeared in the film ‘Two Days In Harlem.’ Yandy Smith appeared in the crime drama ‘2 days in Harlem’ as an actress and producer.

In 2016, she published an entrepreneurship e-book named ‘The Beauty of Branding Business.’ The aim of the book is to guide budding entrepreneurs. As a writer, Yandy has the vision to release books for children with the aim of helping working mothers.

Yandy has created a name for herself by featuring in the VH1 show Love&hip hop since it was the second season in 2011. So far, she has appeared in 9 seasons of the reality television show. For more Yandy Smith Wiki info, scroll down.

Yandy Smith Children.

Yandy Smith is a proud and happy mom to two biological kids, 9-year-old Ombre Harris and six years old Skylar Smith-Harris. She happily helps her husband Mendeecees to raise his two sons from previous relationships.

Yandy Smith Net Worth
Yandy Smith & Her Children Ombre Harris and Skylar Smith

Also, she is a Foster mother to one kid known as Infinity. Infinity met Yandy Smith during a career day at her school, where Yandy was the keynote speaker. Her social media is full of her children’s photos with beautiful captions.

Yandy Smith Age, Birthdate.

Yandy Smith was born on March 19, 1982, in Harlem, New York. That said, she is 39 years old. She grew up with her elder brother Juelz Santana. She was born by African American parents.

Name Yandy Smith
Net worth $15 million
Age, Birthdate 39 years, March 19, 1982
Children Ombre Harris, Skylar Smith, Infinity.

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