Master P Net Worth 2021: How Rich is Rapper Master P?

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The real name of Rapper Master P is Percy Robert Miller. Master P is not a typical rapper. He was born in a very good family, where most of his siblings were successful performers. Master p got a decent amount of money as an inheritance from his grandfather.

With all this wealth he had established a business just in his twenties. Apart from all this, he was an outstanding student from the very beginning. During his school days, he had a bit of inclination towards sports. His singing and performing career began in the year 1991.

His first album ‘Get Away Clean’ was released in the year 1991. At that point of time, he realized his talent of being a singer, actor, writer and sportsman all at the same time. Let’s get into his life and explore some of the lesser-known facts. You will also come to know about Master P net worth.

Master P Net worth 2021

Master P’s net worth is estimated to be close to $350 Million. Most of his net worth has come from his grandfather, who died and left almost $10000, with this wealth he started a store named ‘No Limit Records.’ Later he changed the store into a record label when he understood, what the audience wanted.

Who is Master P? His career information

Master P is one of the well-known actor and rapper United States of America. He is also a renowned music producer and entrepreneur. He was born to a perfect family. He has inherited a considerable amount of wealth from his grandparents. When he was brought up in New Orleans, Master P had developed a love for playing basketball.

He was a student of Waren Easton High School. He graduated from high school in the year 1987 and then he attended the University of Houston on one of the athletic scholarship. As far as the sources are concerned, when his grandfather passed away, he got wealth as an inheritance of $10,000. With all the money, he opened a record store ‘No Limit Records’ in Richmond. The experiences which he had got from the business class helped him a lot in business.

Work Highlights

When Master P started ‘No Limit Records,’ he had no idea of whether he is going to make it into a label. As soon as Master P came to know about the taste of the rap audience, he changed his strategy and desired to deliver what the audience wants.

The rap audience at that time loved street-level beats. After considering a bit, he made up his mind to change his store into a record label. The debut album of Master P was ‘Get Away Clean,’ which was released in the year 1990.

As per the reports, then he released one more album titled ‘Mama’s Bad Boy,’ in the year 1992. After the release of the second album, Master P moved his record to his hometown, i.e., New Orleans.

Image of Master P Net Worth
Master P Net Worth


Master P rose to fame after the release of the third album ‘The Ghettos Tryin’ to Kill Me’ in the year 1994. With his promotion, he managed to sell more than 250,000 copies, which has helped him to earn a significant amount of net worth. In the same year, he released some more albums with association with TRU. The name of the album was ‘True.’

This was so popular that it was on the 14th position of the ‘Top Heatseekers List.’ ‘I’m Bout’ it. Bout it’ was one of the most famous songs of the album, which has certainly increased his net worth.

House and car details

Master P has a great love for cars. In his garage, you can find Chevrolet Impala, Porsche, Jaguar, Escalade, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. Master P has got a lavish mansion. But there is no exact information available about the location.

Quick Info-Table

Name Master P
Net Worth $350 million
Profession Rapper, Investor, Actor, Investor
Spouse Sonya C
Age 51
Birthdate April 29, 1970

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