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Megan Weaver is an interior designer famous on the reality TV series, Flipping Out. She’s got a keen eye on decorations, lighting and re-arranging things wherever she goes. Moreover, the reality star hardly keeps quiet about aesthetics is a crucial member of Jeff Lewis’ team.

Regardless, as talented as she is, the interior designer has a lot of private stuff going that she never shares on air. As a result, we have taken the mandate of compiling details on Megan Weaver’s net worth.

Megan Weaver from “Flipping Out” Wikipedia Bio

For the most part, Weaver spent most of her life travelling for work purposes. However, the one place she always called home was Los Angeles, California. Even now, she resides in the Sherman Oaks neighbourhood with her family.

The interior designer was born to her mother Nicky and her father, unknown. Growing up as a young girl, Megan Weaver learnt everything she could from her current, 79-year-old mom and put it into practice. Moreover, she perfected it by going to Loyola Marymount University.

Megan Weaver Net Worth, Career.

Upon graduation, she got a job in Steven Spielberg’s film development and production company called Amblin Entertainment. The place was a mess, and she helped re-design some of the offices. Afterwards, the reality star got into modelling with the Ford Modeling Agency.

Megan Weaver further stripped her persona by working as the personal assistant for actress Beverly D’Angelo. However, after enough globetrotting, she finally set up shop in 2007 and founded her self-titled design company. Though slow with the specifics, the company’s website is still under developments

Megan Weaver Net Worth
Megan Weaver Net Worth 

Five years later, Megan Weaver got another gig on A&E Network’s Hideous Houses as its interior designer. Later on, she met Jeff Lewis at a restaurant bathroom in Los Angeles and made herself acquainted with his work. As a result, she got to work side by side by her role model since then on Flipping Out.

Now here is the exciting part. Working with Jeff Lewis isn’t a walk in the park. He is a problematic person, and as a result, Megan Weaver quit five times with different reasons. Regardless, she always finds her way back to the series. When she’s not on television, the reality star is still on Sirius XM Radio Show, Jerry Lewis Live. Megan Weaver Net Worth is $1.5 Million as of 2019.

Is Megan Weaver married to husband?

Megan Weaver is pretty secluded about the guy she lets in her life. For one, the interior designer was once married to her ex-husband, Robert Duncan. However, before she did, Weaver had the pleasure of welcoming their two kids, Drew and Beau.

Megan Weaver’s daughter, Drew, was born in 2006 whereas Beau, her son came a year later in 2007. Currently, reports have it that the mother of two is set on dating a guy she posts on Instagram. We’re still working on his name and profile, but as of now, Megan wants him hidden that way.

Megan Weaver, Age.

The Flipping Out star celebrates her birthday each year on August 1st. However, she has kept her birth year to herself, making it impossible to tell her age.

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