Alaskan Bush People Net Worth: Alaskan Bush Family’s worth in 2019.

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If you all are a fan of watching Discovery channel and it’s shows, you know Alaskan Bush People. It is a scripted American show where the Brown family are trying to survive in the badland Alaska which is far from the modern society we live in. 

Alaskan Bush People aired for the first time on Discover channel in 2014, May 6th. This show displays the life of the Brown family. The family lives wildly. Some of the family members also have a criminal history.

This show casts the whole Brown family. The cast includes Billy Brown, Ami Brown, Matt Brown, Bam Bam Brown, Bear Brown, Gabe Brown, Noah BrownBirdy Brown, and Rainy Brown.

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth.

The Alaskan Bush People is not only the name of the show but it represents the whole family. Seeing how good haunters and fishers they are they can surely survive any wilderness in the forest. 

So what about Alaskan Bush Family net worth? I bet you all are curious about their net worth, source of income, and about their land and property right? 

The Alaskan Bush people knowledge us about all the barrens and bushes that we people living a normal life in this contemporary society might not be familiar with. 

According To Radar Online Billy recently bought four different lands of 453 acres which cost $415,000.  

The net worth of all the family members is included below along with their description. 

  • The Alaskan Bush People Ami Brown.

Ami’s birthname is Amora Larene Branson Brown. She was born on August 28th, 1963. Ami was only 15 years old when she married Billy Brown. She had cancer though at first, she thought it was only arthritis. But her visit to the dentist which helped her to discover cancer. However, her cancer treatment got her to help people suffering from cancer. 

Brown seems to be a little old fashioned. She has never brought up things about her marriage on the television and is fine with her husband taking al the decision when it comes to the family. Aren’t you curious about her net worth? 

Ami Brown Net Worth
Ami Brown Net Worth

Did you know that Ami’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million? Yes, pretty huge amount right! 

  • Alaskan Bush People Billy Brown.

Billy Brown is the father of seven children and husband of Ami Brown. His given birth name is Billy Bryan Brown. Billy was born on December 3rd, 1952.  Since the starting of season 9, the view rates of The Alaskan People is going downhill. Therefore, Billy being the father is desperately trying to save the show, as you do. 

Billy is a smooth haunter and fisher and taught ahh of his children how to hunt and fish. He is also the family patriarch.

Billy Brown Net Worth
Billy Brown Net Worth

Well, what is Billy Brown’s net worth then? Billy Brown net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. 

  • Alaskan Bush People Matt Brown. 

Matt’s birth name is Matthew Jeremiah Brown. He was born on September 7, 1982, which makes him 37  years old this year. Matt had to leave the show in the ninth season of the Alaskan Bush People because he had to join an alcohol rehabilitation center. 

But when the family has reunited again with Matt, though mom Ami was really happy to see her son it was kind of opposite to father Billy. Billy straight declined the presence of Matthew on the show. Therefore, Matt could not join the show again. 

As per Matt’s net worth, according to celebliveupdate, Matt’s net worth is $500,000.

  • Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown Net Worth is $100,000.

Rain brown also known as Rainy Brown is is the youngest member in the Brown family. Being the youngest one she is well known for being a social butterfly. Her full birth name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown. 

Rainy is not only a social butterfly but she is very honest and straight forward. And she is one of those people who is loved by all those who know her. 

Rain Brown Net Worth

There was this rumor going on about Rainy which said that she was pregnant. But the rumor was wrong. The 16 y/o is enjoying her life in social media and roaming around the wilder places. 

Rainy is just 16 years old but has an estimated net worth of approximately $100,000. 

  • Alaskan Bush People Joshua Bam Bam Net Worth is $300,000.

Bam Bam is the second oldest son in the Brown family. His full name is Joshua Bam Bam. As a kid, Bam Bam loved to roam around the world/ nature and find as much as new things possible about nature. 

He still enjoys hunting, fishing and also on electronics. He does not only love finding beauty in nature but also roaming around with his camera and capturing it. The reality show star Bam Bam is most loved by people due to his personality and also because he loves doing his works by himself, unlike his other siblings.

Joshua Bam Bam Net Worth
Joshua Bam Bam Net Worth

Joshua Bam Bam Brown’s estimated net worth is $300,000. Bam Bam left the show for his girlfriend and went to live in the city. Which tells us that his net worth and source of income might come to change completely.

  • Alaskan Bush People Gabriel Brown Net Worth: 

Gabe Brown is the fourth son to his parents, Billy and Ami Brown. Maybe because he is the fourth sibling among seven he is kind of mischevious. The spot of his father Billy is really hard to fill in, but Gabe being followed his father’s path and is a great fisherman and a tracker just like his father Billy Brown. 

Gabe’s birth name is Gabriel Brown and was born on December 15, 1989. He is of American nationality and white ethnicity. Gabe is on the list of the famous Reality TV star. His zodiac is the ninth sign which also represents a constellation, Saggitarius.

Gabriel Brown Net Worth
Gabriel Brown Net Worth

According to Forbes, Celebs Trend Now and other various sources, Gabe Brown Net Worth is $200,000.

  • Alaskan Bush People Snowbird Brown Net Worth, $100,000.

Snowbird Brown is also known as Birdy Brown in the show Alaskan Bush People. Her full name is Amora Jean Snowbird Brown. She was born on November 18th, 1994. She is currently 25 years old. 

Her beauty and personality have developed a special place in her fans’ heart for Snowbird. Though she is really beautiful the first thing you will notice upon looking at her is her teeth. Her upper teeth are separated and have a wide gap but the family and Snowbird herself do not seem to be bothered by it. 

Snowbird Brown Net Worth
Snowbird Brown Net Worth

Snow’s estimated net worth as of 2019 is said to be $100,000. 

  • Alaskan Bush People Noah Brown Net Worth, $100,000.

Noah’s real birth name given by his parents is Noah Darkcloud Brown. He was born on July 18, 1992. This year he turned  27 years old. Noah has a beautiful wife named Rahin Alicia. Earlier this year in February, Noah and his wife Rahin Alicia gave birth to a dashing son who they named Elijah Conner Bown.

Noah’s wife Rahin is a year older than him. But the two of them are deeply in love with each other. The tv star Noah leaves no chance on telling about how gifted his wife is and now that they have a son they are blesed to have each other. 

Noah Brown Net Worth
Noah Brown Net Worth

Now comes the talk about his net worth. The Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. 

  • Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown: $100,000.

Bear brown is the third son of the Brown family and the third sibling among the seven. His full birth name is Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown and he was born on June 10, 1987. As he is the third son of the family he is very matured and walks on the steps of his father. 

Well, that does not mean that he is not going to make a modern society’s girlfriend. Bear’s new girlfriend’s name is Raiven Adams. The couple has 10 years of an age difference, meaning, Bear is 31 years old whereas his girlfriend Raiven is 21 years old. 

Bear Brown Net Worth
Bear Brown Net Worth

According to them, it is said that they met on the wedding of Bear’s brother Noah and Rahin in 2018.

Bear’s net worth is estimated to be around $60,000 to $100,000 US dollars.

  • Alaskan Bush People Asa Siegel Net Worth.

Asa Sigel is a well-known actor for his roles on Max Payne 3, Sexchange, and Alaskan Bush People. He has been on the show since 2014, 1st season. Asa Siegel narrates the show Alaskan Bush People. 

Asa is a well known American actor. As Asa has narrated the show not much information about him is found. Nothing about his personal life or net worth. We have always been ready to search for information about any celebrities you are searching about. So, this is a guarantee from us that we will surely update the information about Asa and other casts as soon as we lay our hands on something new.

Now, below you will find a table which will show the Alaskan Bush People net worth individually in a table. 

Alaskan Bush People net worth in a table. 

Name  Cast net worth
Billy Bryan Brown $5 million
Amora Larene Branson Brown $12 million
Matthew Jeremiah Brown $500,000
Joshua Bam Bam Brown $300,000
Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown $100,000
Gabriel Starbuck Brown Approx. $100,000
Noah Darkcloud Brown $100,000
Amora Jean Snowbird Brown $100,000
Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown $100,000

Alaskan Bush Family total net worth:

The Alaskan Bush family together earns a lot of net worth. Billy is not only a haunter but also a writer. He has written several books. Therefore his source of income is not only as a TV star abut also a writer.

However, Ami, Billy’s wife has more net worth than Billy. And the children earn a decent amount while being on the television. So what do you think their neet worth is? 

According to various sources, we found out that the Alaskan Bush Family stars/casts aka the Brown family have a net worth which is approximately more than $60 million. 

This concludes the article. Please come back and check the article again for the updated version of the article. We will be informing you with the more latest information about the Alaskan Bush Family and it’s narrator Asa Siegel as soon as possible. 

Hope you enjoyed the article about Alaskan Bush People Net Worth. And please check out more articles from us!

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