JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2021.

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 Jonathan Day was born on the 10th of August 1973, in Memphis, Tennessee. This makes the reality star 47 years today. Jonathan “JJ Da Boss” Day grew up in a relatively low-income family.

But later after he took over Street racing, JJ Da Boss has a story of rags to riches. Read this to know JJ Da Boss’ net worth.

As such, he had to work hard for everything he has today. The man did not care if that meant cutting corners or finding loopholes; success was the only thing on the racer’s mind. Some may call it cheating, but others would call it being smart.

JJ Da Boss’s passion for racing is something his entire family shares as they all feature on the show. Jonathan’s life hasn’t exactly been easy. Besides growing up poor, he also found himself detained in prison for eight years. This came after he fell asleep in his truck and caused an accident.

JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2021: $2 Million.

Like most racers, the speed bug hit reality when he was relatively young. He loved watching his father race, and this is what, in all likelihood, sparked his passion for the streets.

At ten years old, JJ was already tearing through the dirt roads in Mississippi County. During his successful career as a street racer, JJ Da Boss has gathered mentionable wealth.

JJ Da Boss’ net worth is $2 million. Most of JJ’s income is from the salary he receives from the show. Also, since JJ Da Boss has won races against many racers, the prize money he receives in every race he wins adds up to JJ Da Boss’ net worth.

Besides that, other income sources include JJ Da Boss’ business that sells car parts and also provide repair services.

JJ Da Boss Age, Wiki, Bio.

The street outlaws Memphis star always had a burning desire to win and achieve excellence. This would be evident as he continued to work his way up the world of street racing. As JJ Da Boss’ reputation grew, he found himself leading a group of similarly minded drivers.

JJ Da Boss Net Worth

Like JJ, they shared a win at all costs mentality. That meant that they would take any shortcut to ensure that they were victorious.

This was a very shady way to operate. Perhaps that is why karma eventually caught up to the Boss, and he landed himself in prison for eight years. His incarceration was a result of a car accident in his GMC Sierra pickup.

However, this did not deter the headstrong racer. No sooner was he out of prison than he hit the streets again. JJ’s growing buzz saw him called on to star in Street Outlaws, Memphis. The show premiered on the 8th of January, 2008, and is on its second season at the moment.

JJ went on to smoke all comers on the show in his 66 Chevy Nova, which he named Heifer, and his 01 Pontiac Firebird he calls the Prostitute. The latter is an interesting choice of name if you ask us.

Full name Jonathan “JJ Da Boss” Day
Age 47 years old.
Date of Birth August 10th, 1973
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Profession Television personality, Race car driver, Reality Star, businessman
Net worth $ 2 million
Wife Tricia Day
Kids 11
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Car of choice 66 Chevy Nova, 01 Pontiac Firebird

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