Johnny Jett Barnwood Builders Death.

Originally posted on November 5, 2019 @ 8:07 pm

Johnny Jett is renowned as a star in Barnwood Builders, a highly viewed construction reality Tv series on the DIY Network and Great American country. Continue reading to know about Rumors surrounding Johnny Jett’s Death.

The show features John Jett and Mark Bowe, a successful businessman from West Virginia who purchases and changes old Cabins into stylish homes and buildings aided by other crew members; Tim Rose, Ferguson, Sherman, and Thompson.

Johnny Jett is also known for making frequent appearances on other construction shows where he shares his craftsmanship knowledge. Know if Barnwood Builders’ Johnny Jett is dead or still alive.

Johnny Jett Net Worth and Bio.

72-year-old Johnny Jett was born on 28th April 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike other celebrities who post photos and information about their families online, Johnny Jett has not revealed any information about his family on social media.

Johnny Jett brings in a sum of $50 million. This is mainly from the show ‘Barnwood Builders.’ Also, Johnny Jett earns extra cash from his art gallery website That said, Johnny Jet’s net worth currently stands at $400 Million.

Image of Johnny Jett from the TV reality show, Barnwood Builders
Johnny Jett from the TV reality show, Barnwood Builders

Johnny Jett Barnwood Builders Death.

In 2018, there were talks all over social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, detailing that one of the casts of Barnwood Builders had passed away.

There was even a severe headline stating, “One of Barnwood Builders Cast Death.” However, there was no evidence attached — just the usual social media rumors without any transparent investigations whatsoever.

A massive number of viewers agreed to the rumors that Johnny Jett had indeed passed away, given that he had not been featured on the series for a number of episodes.

Image of Barnwood Builders cast Johnny Jett is still alive
Barnwood Builders Cast Johnny Jett is still alive

So, are the rumors about Johnny Jett Barnwood Builders’ death true? According to reliable sources, Johnny Jett is perfectly alive and healthy. Johnny Jett even appeared on an episode of the show on 12th March 2019. So, to sum it up, Barnwood Builders cast Johnny Jett as alive and not dead.

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