Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth: Wife Deleros Nowzaradan Divorce Settlement

Dr. Nowzaradan, an Iranian-American doctor, mainly famous as Dr. Now became people’s favourite after his appearance in My 600-Lb Life. Besides, Dr Now has specialised in patients grappling with obesity. Dr. Now joined the part of My 600-LB Life since its beginning. He also helped many patients lose weight on the show.

Apart from his appearance on My 600-Lb Life, Dr. Now’s portrayal can be seen in another television show called Body Shock. Due to his multiple works, Nowzaradan has a huge fan base. People often get concerned about Nowzaradan’s personal and professional life. Here are more details about Dr. Now’s net worth and marriage.

Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth: Books and Income

Dr. Nowzaradam boasts a whopping net worth of over $6 million. Nowzaradam mainly specialises in vascular surgery and bariatric surgery. Those who are involved in bariatric surgery can charge at least $27,000. Dr. Now has remained active in this field for a long time and must be earning a good profit.

Currently, Dr. Now serves at Houston Obesity Surgery in Houston, TX. Also, he practices at several local hospitals. Now’s work as a doctor has led him to appear in the hit TLC television show titled My 600-Lb Life. In the same way, Dr. Now made several appearances at Texas theme parks including Six Flags AstroWorld. 

Image of Dr Nowzaradan which he shared on Instagram.

Nowzaradan’s appearance in My 600-Lb Life must have helped him take home some cash. A person appearing in the show reportedly earns at least $2,5000. In total, Dr Now starred in 162 episodes between 2012 and 2024.

Apart from that, Dr Now is an established author and has already published two books named The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do and Last Chance to Live.  Likewise, he has written many articles. Likewise, Dr Now has a strong presence on Instagram and has more than 1 million followers. From his Instagram account, he updates his followers about his life. Also, Dr. Now gives health tips by making videos. 

Dr. Nowzaradan Wife Delores Nowzaradan Divorce Settlement

Dr. Nowzaradan and Delores Nowzaradan remained together for more than two decades.. Dr. Now moved to the United States of America from his native country Iran and after some years, he met Delores. Before meeting Nowzaradan, Delores worked as a secretary. 

Dr Now completed a residency in surgery and following that he tied the knot with Delores in the year 1975. They later welcomed three kids and all of them were adults when Delores filed for a divorce from Dr Now in 2002. Delores cited insupportability as the reason behind divorce. Later, she even added claims of cruel treatment.

Image of Dr Nowzaradan with his ex-wife.

Dr Now counterpetitioned for divorce, claiming insupportability. The divorce hearing concluded with Dr  Now’s wife being awarded a significant portion of their shared assets. Reportedly, Dr Now gave 70% of their joint assets. The court ruled in favour of Delores and assigned responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage to the doctor. 

Similarly, the court asserted that Dr Now impeded the discovery process through actions like concealing and withholding records, obstructing discovery, asserting groundless privileges, neglecting to disclose important information, denying access to records, and failing to adhere to court orders. 

Short Details On Dr. Nowzaradan and Delores Nowzaradan Kids

Dr. Nowzaradan and Delores Nowzaradan welcomed three kids: Jonathan, Jennifer, and Jessica. The Nowzaradan couple gave birth to their first child Jonathan in February 1978. A few years later, the family increased when Dr Now and his then-wife welcomed their first daughter Jennifer in February 1980.

Likewise, their second daughter Jessica was born in May 1983. Their son, Jonathan, is a producer and director who has credit working on the television show My 600 Lb Life. He even worked in the spinoff of My 600 Lb Life. 

The eldest child Jennifer is an artist. She has remained active in the world of art since 2001 and she is also a high school art instructor. The youngest child Jessica is the Founder & Epigenetic Coach at Genomic Blueprint. According to her LinkedIn bio, she is a graduate of Texas State University. Jessica has worked in multiple companies and before working at Genomic Blueprint, she served at Anne Aradan Photography & Design. 

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