Bering Sea Gold Cast Net Worth, Salary (2021)

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Bering sea gold is a documentary TV series aired on the discovery channel. The reality television series, narrated by Mike Rowe, portrays gold mining activities by various boat fleets and the various challenges encountered during the two gold mining seasons, Summer dredging season and the Spring dredging seasons.

Challenging issues include getting a proper sight under the water, diver safety, damage to mining equipment by choppy seas and insufficient fuel and personnel issues.

The crew members include; Shawn Promenke, Emily Riedel, Mike Rowe, Zeke Tenhoff, Kris Kelly, Brad Kelly, Vernon Adkison, Ken Kerr, George Young, and Dave Young.

Get to learn about Bering Sea Gold Cast salary and Net Worth.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Emily Riedel Net Worth is $250,000.

If you have watched the Bering sea gold, you have probably noticed the only female gold digger, Emily Riedel. Not only is Emily Riedel a gold digger, but also an Opera singer. She has a net worth of $250,000, an amount she has made from being a reality television star.

Image of Emily Riedel Net Worth

The 33-year-old was born on 4th July 1988. Following her passion in music, Emily attended vocal training classes at the University of Carolina School of Arts. Finances to support her talent in music weren’t easy for her to fetch, but things got easier when she was introduced to gold digging by her friend Zeke Tenhoff.

The gold digging venture gave her an opportunity to feature in the Bering Sea gold reality series. Emily once dated her friend Zeke Tenhoff but the relationship didn’t end up in marriage. She is currently single and has not had any kids yet.

Shawn Pomrenke Net Worth is $5 million.

Image of Shawn Pomrenke Net Worth

The 46-year-old American television star celebrates his birthday on 26th March 1975. Bering Sea Gold cast Shawn Pomrenke’s net worth is $5 million, and his salary is $450,000 annually.

As the Co-founder of Christine Rose, a reality television series centered around his family’s gold-digging activities, he gained the gold digging prowess in his early childhood, inspired by his father who was also a gold miner.

Later on in his adulthood, Shawn was approached by the discovery channel who wanted him to accept being featured on the “Bering sea gold” to showcase gold mining. Pomrenke tied the not 18 years ago with his longtime girlfriend and is a dad to an 18-year-old son, Dylan Pomrenke.

Zeke Tenhoff Net Worth is $125,000.

Zeke Tenhoff was born in 1987 in Alaska. He is currently 34 years old. Zeke Tenhoff is one of the most daring in the reality television series Bering sea gold, very popular for his diving ability in search for gold in the deep Bering sea. Over the years as a gold digger and television star, Tenhoff has managed to accumulate $125,000 net worth.

With his visibly hard work and determination, Zeke caught the eyed of the discovery channel production team who approached him and requested him to take part in the Reality program Bering sea Gold.

Image of Zeke Tenhoff Net Worth

He is still single after parting with his ex-girlfriend Emily Riedel and has no kids yet.

Kris Kelly Net Worth in 2021 is $2 Million.

Kris Kelly is currently a Co-founder and head of “The Reaper” where he works alongside brother Andy Kelly and father, Brad Kelly.

Unlike other stars who keep every detail of their life to the public eye, Kris Kelly prefers to keep his love life off the public eye, with no post of his love life detail on social media. For now, it would be inevitable to conclude that Kris Kelly is still a single man. Details on his birth date are still undercover.

Image of Kris Kelly Net Worth

It is during the third season of the Bering sea gold that Kris Kelly got a chance to feature on the reality television series that Kris Kelly got a chance to feature on the reality television series. Bering Sea Gold Cast Kris Kelly’s net worth is $2 million.

Vernon Adkison.

Vernon Adkison appears on the show along with his daughter as a professional gold miner, who is currently a part-time pilot on the ship, “Wild Ranger”, usually centered around gold mining in the Nome region in Alaska.

Vernon Adkison net worth is now $2 million with an estimated annual salary of $500 thousand.

Image of Vernon Adkison Net Worth

According to his Facebook profile, Vernon attended Laney college Oakland, California and University of South Carolina. He celebrates his birthday on 4th June and is currently 75 years old.

In 1981 at age 35, Vernon exchanged vows with his wife, Mary Brocato. Vernon Adkison prefers to keep his love life private, thus details thus details on whether he has another child apart from his daughter Elaine Adkison are not known yet.

Ken Kerr.

Hailing from Xenia, Ohio, he celebrates his birthday on 5th February. His exact age is still unrevealed. Ken Kerr is married to wife, and together they have two kids, one daughter, and a son.

Image of Ken kerr Net Worth

Details about Ken Kerr’s personal life remain undercover, with his wife and kids out of the public eye. Bering Sea Gold cast Ken Kerr’s salary and net worth are under review although he has 900 acres of mining leases and 380 mining claims in Rome. Unfortunately, there is insufficient information about ken Kerr’s bio, given that he is still new in stardom.

Brad Kelly.

Since the 1980s Brad Kelly has been involved in gold mining.

Unlike other stars who have clear details of their bio available to the public eye, Brad Kelly has preferred to keep his personal life private with little details known about his family apart from his son Kris Kelly who is a cast member in the”Bering sea gold” series.

Image of Brad Kelly Net Worth

Born on 27th March 1956, the 65-year-old American investor in the gold mining world, Brad Kelley has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million As of  2021, and his exact salary is still under review.

Mike Rowe.

Mike Rowe, the show’s narrator and one of the best American narrators of all time was born on March 18, 1962, in Baltimore, Maryland. He gained prowess in narration after studying communication studies at Towson University.

With an estimated huge net worth of $35 million, Mike Rowe brings in an estimate of $10 million annually.

Image of Mike Rowe Net Worth

Over the years, Mike Rowe has taken part in narrating several other shows in the discovery network such as American Chopper, deadliest catch, wild Pacific and ghost lab. He is an Emmy award-winning narrator, owing to his deep, smooth voice and passion in his work.

George Young.

George Young, a cast of Bering Sea Gold was born on February 29, 1980, in England to a Malaysian Chinese father and Greek Cypriot mother.

He is well known for being an author and actor and has been married to Janet Hsieh since Jan 26, 2015. Together they have one adorable son. For his higher education, George studied a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Westminster but decided to concentrate on his acting passion.

His adventurous nature landed him on his newest venture, gold mining two years ago where he’s relying on his elder brother Dave to support him. George Young’s salary and net worth are still under review.

Dave Young.

With his brother Scott Young, Dave Young landed in Nome with the aim of mining gold in the Bering Sea. Scott passed on tragically, but Dave luckily remained and has made lots of profit in this venture.

Image of Dave Young Net Worth

Earlier last year, Dave Young introduced his younger brother, George Young to venture where he is currently guiding and supporting him step by step both financially and with his vast knowledge on gold mining. The 39-year-old star was born on 13th January 1982. Bering Sea Gold Dave Young’s net worth and salary are still under review.

Dave Young is a secret man, with little details of his love life let out to the public. Information on whether he is married or not is not available.

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