22 Savage Net Worth: How Rich is Rapper 22 Savage in 2020?

Originally posted on July 6, 2020 @ 9:35 am

22 Savage is a famous social media comedian from Atlanta. He was born in October 8, 1996, as Macarthur Johnson and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since childhood, he was nicknamed Jokester by his friends for his unique ability to make people laugh. Get to know more about 22 Savage Net Worth in this article.

22 Savage Wiki.

22 Savage began his career as a comedian while in high school. He frequently posted his comedy videos on youtube with his half brother wings. This made him gain lots of fame and popularity, especially in Baton Rouge. He always posted memes with names like ‘Funny Ass Mike,’ ‘Mighty Mike’ and ‘Girl He Likes.’

After high school, 22 Savage began rapping. When he was below 19 years old, his stage name was Mighty Mike. He first released a hit ‘Hit that Big for the Gram.’ 22 Savage then changed his then name Mighty mike to 22 savages. This huge decision was influenced by his favorite rapper ’21 Savage’. He then signed a contract with Travis James Entertainment.

In August 2006, 22 Savage released his first song ‘No Heart.’ The ideas in the song were stolen from 21 Savage’s song named ‘Savage Mode.’ He, however, denied all claims that the song was copied. 22 Savage then released a second single named ‘Jumpin’.

The single gained more than 1 million views. He later released singles such as ‘Hit that 22’, ‘Run It’, and ‘Pay 4 It’. On January 26, 2017, 22 Savage released a mixtape ‘Nothing 2 Live 4’. Later on, he produces a new track ‘Kylie’s Daddy’ in which he sang about his serious attraction to Kylie Jenner, an internet celebrity and entrepreneur.

22 Savage Net Worth 2020.

22 Savage’s net worth is currently $500,000. He has made a huge percentage of this net worth from album sales. His highest-selling albums include Jumpin (3 million views), Aint No. 21 (over 2 million views, and Black Opps (Over 2 million views). 22 Savage (now known as Young 22) makes 400,000 annually from his youtube channel ‘Funny Mike.’ On his other Youtube channel ‘Funny Mike & Jaliyah,’ he earns $200,000.

22 Savage is a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz worth $25,995. The kind of house he lives in is unrevealed. He makes more money from selling clothing and other Merchandise.

22 Savage Net Worth
22 Savage Net Worth is $500,000.

Unfortunately, 22 Savage holds a serious criminal record. 22 Savage was once on the wrong side of the law for killing a new rapper, Richard Philips. This was after a personal attack. 22 Savage was charged with second-degree murder and illegal weapon use. He claimed that the murder was in self-defense. He was fortunately released on a 370,000 bail.

Looking at his personal life, 22 Savage is currently dating Jaliyah Monet. The duo does youtube videos together. Their youtube channel is known as ‘Funny Mike and Jaliyah.’ They have one kid together, a baby girl named Londyn, born in February 2019. They met on Snapchat and Twitter. The most famous Stunt they have ever pulled on each other was Funny Mike lying to Jaliyah that he has an STI. Jaliyah also pranked Funny Mike about having periods while pregnant.

Name 22 Savage – MacArthur Johnson.
Profession Rapper, You tuber, Comedian.
Net Worth $500,000.
Age 23 years

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