Meek Mill Net worth: How Much is Meek Mill Worth in 2021?

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You’ve probably heard of rapper Meek Mill, either from his hit song “Ambition,” or from his previous short relationship to fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. This relationship, together with the subsequent breakup, made Meek Mill famous. Meek Mill resides in Philadelphia and is currently signed to Maybach Music Group, owned by fellow rapper Rick Ross. Know about Meek Mill’s Net Worth.

He has also featured in social news forums from his beef with rappers 50 cents and Drake amongst others. Meek Mill is no stranger to jail, facing incarceration on multiple occasions. We will provide more details on his time in prison in this review. So you definitely want to keep reading because the reasons for his arrest might intrigue you.

Career info

Meek Mill formed the rap group “The bloodhoundz” back in 2008. Later he was signed by The Grand Hustle Records owned by rapper T.I. In 2011, he ditched this record label for the Maybach Music Group. Rapper Rick Ross owned it.

First Album

His first album “Dreams and Nightmares” was released under this record label. Most of his hit singles are released under his label imprint “Dream Chasers Records.” The song that became more successful was the hit single “Am a boss.” It featured in the billboard top 100 at number 51. The single was remixed by many artists including T.I, Swissbeatz, and Birdman. MTV, in its list of hottest MCs, featured Meek Mill at the number 7 spot.

Second Album

The second album was a success, and it was titled “Dreams worth more than money.”

Image of Rapper, Meek Mill
Rapper, Meek Mill

This album topped the charts on Billboard Top 200. He has also released several mixtapes, though some did not make it to the market. In most of his recent mixtapes, he targeted his rival, Drake. This mixtape was released in 2016, and was dubbed “DC4”. Meek Mill’s philanthropic acts include donating about 60000 water bottles worth $50000, and a further 60000 backpacks to students at a university in Philadelphia.

Third Album

In 2013, Meek Mill released his third studio album “Wins and losses.” This album was also a success. His last album “The championship” sold an estimated 230000 copies in the first week of release. The hit single ‘All eyes on you” was certified double platinum. He now manages his label imprint and has signed several artists like his cousin Omelly, Chino, and Nick Papz.

Arrests and Beef

Marijuana use, violating parole and probation are other reasons for his arrest. He engages in feuds with fellow rappers like Drake, Cassidy, and Kendrick Lamar. His feud with Kendrick Lamar started when Lamar threatened to murder several rappers including Meek Mill in the song “Control.” Meek Mill later hit back in his song “Oh kill em.”

Net worth 2019: $14 Million.

Most of his revenue comes from mixtapes and album sales. His four studio albums have sold a collective half a million copies in the US alone. Meek Mill`s net worth is $14 million.

Image of Singer, Meek Mill net worth is $14 million
Singer, Meek Mill net worth is $14 million

He has also made substantial amounts of money from touring and collaborations. Another source of his income is celebrity endorsements. Meek Mill is also a brand ambassador of Puma, a shoe wear company. He promotes its brands in several states. The rapper also promotes Burger King and Amazon. These endorsements have further increased his net worth.

Meek Mill House and cars.

Information in the public domain is not very clear on the house he owns in Philadelphia. Reports indicate that rapper Meek Mill leads a luxurious life. He holds many luxury cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom, an Aston Martin, and Range Rover. Clearly, with a net worth of his kind, you can afford the beautiful things in life.

Image of Meek Mill with his Luxurious car
Meek Mill with his Luxurious car

Age and birthdate

Meek Mill was born as Robert Rihmeek Williams on May 6th, 1987. He is 34 years old. His birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Relationship status/history

Meek Mill has dated a few famous women including Nicki Minaj, K Michelle, and Bernice Burgos. The most notable relationship is with rapper Nicki Minaj. They started dating back in 2015 and separated in 2017. She even took him on her world tour, as an opening act. You can find more information about the relationship in Minaj’s hit single “Regret in your tears.”

Image of Meek Mill with his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj
Meek Mill with his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj

The relationship is not beyond repair. Nicki says she will forgive the rapper if he apologizes. Word on the street is that Meek Mills next album song will be based on his relationship with Nicki Minaj. Meek Mill has not denied this rumor, so let’s watch the space. Even more interesting is the speculation that Meek Mill may have found new love. Social media pundits have been quick to mention the lucky lady as Janice but this information has not been verified yet.

Meek Mill Real Name, Birthday, Net worth, Wiki

Real Name: Robert Rihmeek Williams

Birthday: May 6th, 1987

Age: 34

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 1.83 M

Nationality: American

Occupation: Rapper

Years active: 2003 – Present

Net worth: $14 million

Relationship status: EX-girlfriend- Nick Minaj

Children: Murad and Rihmeek Williams

Siblings: Nasheema Williams

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