Trina Braxton Net Worth: How Much is Trina Braxton Worth in 2021.

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Trina Braxton’s full name is Trina Evette Braxton. She is an American actress, singer and a television personality. Read further to know about Trina Braxton net worth, family, personal life and much more.

Trina Braxton: Career Details

Trina started singing when she was a toddler. Her career geared up when she came out as a gospel RnB singer along with her sisters as “The Braxtons” in 1989 as they released “Good Life.” Some of the group’s other hits include “So Many Ways “Only Love,” “The Boss” and “Slow Flow.”

Trina started her career as a solo singer in 1997. In 2011, she reunited with her sisters, and in 2015, the Braxton Sisters came up with “Braxton Family Christmas.”

In 2012, she signed a contract with Soltri Entertainment and had done a couple of movie roles since then.

She is the co-owner of “The Bass Mint”, located in Atlanta.

Trina Braxton: Net Worth

Trina Braxton is an American singer, actress, and television fame whose net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 Million. Alongside her media fame, she has also started a line of hair and bar company called Bar-Chix.

Trina: Family

Trina Evette Braxton is the daughter of Evelyn Jackson, an Opera singer, cosmetologist and Pastor, and Michael Conrad Braxton who is a Methodist, clergyman and a power company worker. Trina Braxton has an elder brother named Michael and Four sisters namely, Toni, Towanda, Traci and Tamar Braxton. Professionally, the sisters together, are known as “The Braxtons”.

Trina: Relationship Status and History

Trina has left one marriage behind which is not talked about. On 10th August 2003, she got married to Gabe Solis who is a software developer. They have two children named Eric and Caleb. They got a divorce in 2015.

Image of Trina Braxton Net Worth
Trina Braxton Net Worth

Months after her divorce with Gabe, Trina introduced her boyfriend Jacent Lamar McGrath to her sisters, and their relationship is still alive.

Trina: Age and Birthdate

Trina is a 46 years old woman who was born in Maryland, the USA on 3rd December 1974.


Name Trina Evette Braxton
Age 46 Years
Birthdate 3rd December 1974
Birthplace Maryland, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African- American
Net worth $1.5 Million
Career Singer, actress, Television personality
Parents Evelyn Jackson and Michael Conrad Braxton
Siblings 5 (1 brother and 4 sisters)
Relationship status Divorced and dating
Children 2
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.68 meters)
Weight 68Kgs

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