Peter Gunz Net Worth.

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Peter Gunz (real name: Peter Pankey) has tried hard to build quite a wealth for himself, but his life seems to be pulled back by his many failed relationships. He has many children to take care of with his hard-earned income from rapping and appearing on a TV show. Read on to learn more about how Peter Gunz has built his net worth.

Who is Peter Gunz?

Peter Gunz is a famous American rap star and reality TV personality. He became famous after forming the rap group called ‘Lоrd Таrіq аnd Реtеr Gunz.’  Most of Peter’s songs did not hit the top of the charts until the release of ‘Deja Vu – Uptown Baby’ song. His name became more famous when he started to appear on the VH1 reality TV show ‘Lоvе & Нір Нор: Nеw Yоrk.’

Peter Gunz was born on January 1st, 1967, in the Bronx, Idaho, USA. Not much is known about his parents and upbringing. He has nine children from different women in his life. Notably, he is the father of famous rapper Cory Gunz who was once a member of the group ‘Young Money’.

He started rapping at a young age, but he is not very famous for his rap career.  He only had a few hit songs; then his name faded away. His new fame came when he joined the ‘Love Hip Hop’ show. He has his share of drama on the show as he appears with his ex-wife Tara Wallace, the mother to his three children.

Peter Gunz Net Worth

Tara was Peter’s wife for over ten years, but their relationship ended when Peter had an affair with his current wife, Amina. They were expecting a child even though Peter was married to Tara. He was to be later cornered in another relationship with a girl as he is married to Amina. He surely has a mix up of relationships.

Work Highlight.

Peter Gunz started his career with the rap group Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz in the ‘90s. Their hit song was Dejavu which hit the charts in 1998. The group was later disbanded, and Peter continued to work alone for the next 10 years, but he couldn’t compare the success they had as a group.

He got a revamp when he was invited to appear on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ as a result of his business relationship with cast member Rich Dollaz. He appears with his ex-wife Tara as they engage in their never-ending family dramas.

Peter Gunz Net Worth 2019: $500,000.

How rich is Peter Gunz? He is an accomplished rapper who has released several hit songs that sold millions of copies. He has worked closely with Lord Tariq making a lot of money from their releases. They have long separated, and he works solo. His hit song ‘Déјà Vu (Uptown bаbу)’ sold millions of copies earning him millions of money.

So, how wealthy is he? Credible sources estimate Peter Gunz net worth to be $500,000. Much of his wealth comes from the music copy sales and some from his appearances on the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ show. It is not known how much he has earned on the show, but he must have made hefty earnings. Peter Gunz’s net worth could have been lowered by his many relationships and children he has to take care of from different past relationships.

Peter Gunz would love to enjoy his wealth, but there is little or no information about any of his current assets.

Name Peter Gunz.
Net worth $500,000.
Profession Rapper and reality TV personality.
Wife Amina Buddafly.
Age 57 years.

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