Mountain monsters cast Salary, Net worth 2021and Bio.

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Mountain Monsters is a show about a troop of six hunters as they look for mysterious creatures in Appalachian mountains. The series airs on Destination America.

The team of six are known as the Appalachian Investigators of mysterious sightings. (AIMS) They try to prove the existence of strange mysterious creatures like Bigfoot, Werewolf, Hellhound, Lizardman, and the moth man.

The six begin their work by identifying the location where the creature was first seen. They, later on, talk with eyewitnesses who give them an idea on where to find the creature. The team tries capturing the creatures using set traps. Let’s have a look at the salary, net worth, and bio of the Mountain Monsters cast.

Mountain Monster Cast Net Worth.

Jacob Lowe: $600,000.

Jacob Lowe is essential due to his undying desire to reveal mysterious creatures. Besides Mountain monsters, the star also featured on A murder in the park, in 2004. Jake Lowe’s net worth is $ 600,000. His wealth is a testament to the actor’s successful acting career. His exact salary is unknown.

Image of Jacob Lowe Net Worth
Jacob Lowe Net Worth

Jacob Lowe’s wife is Christine Stein. The reality star often describes his wife as the love of his life. The couple tied the knot on May 12, 2018, in Omaha, USA. They don’t have any children so far.  Jacob Lowe is a secretive man and prefers to keep his personal life and family out of the limelight. There are no details about his birthday.

Trapper John Tice: 700,000.

John Tice was born in 1947, in West Virginia. This makes the Trapper 74 years old at the moment. The man is fascinated with the unknown. He continually searches for strange animals in the woods and has done since his childhood. The undying interest made him a pro in hunting.

After retiring from the military in early 2000, John decided to satisfy his strong urge to discover if the strange creatures existed. With the aid of a few friends who had a mutual interest, they together initiated Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS).

Image of Trapper John Tice Net Worth
Trapper John Tice Net Worth

AIMS caught the interest of the producers of Destiny America, and a show was started on June 22, 2013, to showcase their findings to the viewers.

Mountain Monster cast Trapper Tice’s Net Worth is $700,000.

Huckleberry Joe Lott.

Huckleberry has been featured in the show since it’s premiere in 2013 as the head of security for the AIMS.

Having been brought up around the woods, over 50 years in the woods is a great experience to rely on to provide the team with ample security.

Image of Huckleberry Joe Lott Net Worth
Huckleberry Joe Lott Net Worth

Huckleberry was born in West Virginia. Besides this, he has not shared any information on his birth date. The man is not even active on Facebook and Twitter; thus it is tough to unveil even the tiniest information on his exact age. His family life is also unknown to the general public.

Mountain Monster Huckleberry Joe Lott’s net worth is currently estimated to be $500,000, with a monthly salary of $16,000, mainly bringing in money from acting and movies.

Willy Mcquillan: $600,000.

With decades of experience on hunting, trapping and carpentry, Willy Mcquillan, AIMS cofounder and expert trap builder invents and expert trap builder invents and builds unique traps for the team to use as they hunt for the mystery creatures.

Will Mcquillan’s current net worth is $600,000, with his salary still unknown since Willy is a quite secretive man when it comes to his income and has not revealed any information on his salary yet.

Image of Willy Mcquillan Net Worth
Willy Mcquillan Net Worth

With only a few years in stardom, no one has been able to follow his family life closely, so whether Willy Mcquillan is married or has kids remain an unknown detail.

William Neff.

32-year-old William Jeff also known as ‘wild bill’ Neff is an expert tracker and hunter of large animals. He is the largest of the troop of six and thus does most of the work when it comes to lifting the massive traps for the team.

Image of William Neff Net Worth
William Neff Net Worth

In addition to being an expert tracker, William Neff is a well-known comedian who works as a producer for Buzzfeed for a long time. Will Neff’s Net Worth is $500,000, and his salary is under review.

William Neff does not like his family as the subject of scrutiny by the public, thus has not provided any detail about his family apart from that he and his family live in Hollywood, California.

Jeff Headlee.

The reality star is the co-founder of AIMS and team researcher. Jeff gathers eyewitnesses who are then interviewed by the team. He is also a technological expert. He also runs the thermal camera for the hunters during night hunts.

As of now, Jeff Headlee has an estimated net worth of $700,000. Additional income over the years has been from his work as an owner and operator at H&S trading post.

Image of Jeff Headlee Net Worth
Jeff Headlee Net Worth

No information about his family and personal life has leaked out to the public, so it would be wise to wait till he releases some details, maybe on Twitter or Facebook.

Colt Straub: $10 Milli0n.

Holding the highest net worth among the group of six hunters, Mountain Monster Cast Colt Straub has an estimated net worth of $10 million, with his salary still under review.

He’s been in the limelight since time immemorial for being a writer and producer of several movies and shows such as; Rat Bastards, Diamond Diver, Alaska monsters, and the latest show ‘Mountain Monsters.’

Colt Straub’s wife is Kasey Miller Straub. Over the years in marriage, they have had three children. Details on the names of the three kids remain undercover.

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