D.C. Young Fly Net Worth: How Rich is Rapper D.C. Young Fly.

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In today’s world, social media has catapulted some of the young generation’s careers. Great-wealth is being built without having to take long winding careers. It only takes your creativity and boldness. This is exactly what D.C. Young is doing with his defunct Vine, YouTube, and Instagram platforms. D.C. has built a craze around these platforms that have earned Rapper D.C. Young Fly Net Worth.

Who is D.C. young fly? His career info

D.C. Young Fly is an American rapper, actor, and comedian who is famous for his Vine videos, YouTube channel, and appearances on ‘Wild ‘N Out’ show on MTV. He is also a famous rapper. D.C. Young Fly was born as John Whitfield. D.C. was born on May 2nd, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, making him 29 years of age.

He grew up with his two brothers in Adamsville neighborhood on the west side of town, a place is known for its high crime rate. He attended Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta, where he was known to be a class clown. His parents went separate when he was only 14 years old.

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth

D.C. Young Fly began building his net worth when he started posting videos on his Vine platform in 2013. He became a popular comic content builder with a huge fan base. D.C.’s initial videos were mostly comical and roast of other celebrities such as Drake, Meek Mill, LeBron James, and Kevin Hart. At the start of his career, he had very funny taglines like ‘Bring dat ass he boi’ and ‘Fawwwkumeaan’ that made him very popular.

Work Highlight

After the shutdown of Vine in 2016, D.C. Young Fly started his YouTube channel that has 421k subscribers, with 23 million views. His big career step came when he joined MTV channel’s comedy sketch and improvisation series. The show called “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out,” features two comedy teams who compete against each other in a series of comedy games. He has appeared from the 8th season to the 13th season. D.C. has hosted the “TRL” series in 2017. He released two popular rap albums called ‘Supplyin Pressure’ and ‘The 85 South Live Variety Show’ in 2017.

D.C. young fly Net Worth 2021: $5 Million.

How wealthy is D.C. Young Fly? He has built a stable career in comedy, earning him a prestigious role in MTV’s comedy role that makes him a good salary. It is not known how much he is paid for his appearances on the show that he has acted for five seasons. So, how wealthy is he? Authoritative sources have estimated D.C. Young Fly net worth to be $5 million. Some of this wealth has been earned from his TV appearances and the other from his growing music career.

D.C. Young has also starred in films such as ‘#DigitalLivesMatter,’ ‘Almost Christmas’ and ‘Armed’ which have earned him huge earnings. As if this is not enough, D.C. has appeared in several TV series such as “In the Cut” and ‘Mann and Wife.’ These shows have brought a good amount of wealth for him. D.C. Young net worth continues to grow, knowing too well that he is still young and expanding his career tentacles.

House & Cars details

D.C. Young Fly lives a lavish life as depicted by his fleet of cars. He owns a collection of Mercedes-Benz cars and a 4-wheel SUV. D.C. bought his mother a Mercedes car that he was willing to pay its dealership in cash. Details about where he lives are not known.

Quick info:

Name John Whitfield aka D.C. Young Fly
Net worth $5 million
Profession Vlogger, actor, rapper, and comedian
Girlfriend Jack Oh
Age 29 years

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