Woah Vicky’s Net Worth. Meet Woah Vicky’s Parents.

Originally posted on January 10, 2020 @ 5:03 pm

Social media has become among the top ways to make fast cash. Vicky Woah has taken advantage of this and is now making so much money from Instagram and Youtube.

Woah Vicky is a social media celebrity and Instagrammer, renowned for posting random lifestyle photos and memes on Instagram.

She was born in March 7, 2000. That said, she is now 19 years old. She is an Atlanta Georgia native. Vicky’s real name is Victoria Waldrip. Get to learn about Woah Vicky’s net worth and parents in this article.

Woah Vicky Net Worth 2020.

She makes $79 k to 126 k per year from Your tube every year. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, she makes a good amount of cash from her Instagram posts.

Additionally, Woah Vicky takes advantage of her massive following on social media to promote several brands and products. She mainly promotes Gucci brands. Besides that, she sells Merchandise like T-shirts, Hoodies, iPhone cases, Grillz, hip hop Chainz, ski masks, among other things.

Woah Vicky’s net worth is currently $1.5 million.

She jointly owns a house in Los Angeles with her boyfriend.

Woah Vicky started her career immediately after high school. With time, she got famous for consistently posting memes and lifestyle photos on Instagram.

In 2013, she created a youtube channel. The youtube channel now has 660 k subscribers and over 25 m views for every video she posts. Her first video was ‘Lotion challenge.’ She posted the Lotion Challenge video of her and her friends trying to eat a spoon of body lotion. Major Sources of income for Woah Vicky’s Net Worth is revenue from her youtube channel.

Her videos were shared by celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Chief Keef. Woah Vicky’s other popular videos are Woah, Action, and Ching Chong. So far, she has uploaded around 67 videos.

Woah Vicky's Net Worth

Her fame has continued to rise as she posts several photos wearing outstanding outfits. She once received so much negative criticism.

This was after she stated that she is an African- American. Whether that is true or not is not yet known. Since 2017, she has been having a severe fight with fellow Instagrammer Danielle Bregoli. This was after she poked her nose in Danielle’s business, insulting her about her many sex partners and drug addiction.

The two even ended up fighting physically. In 2018, Vicky spent a day behind bars for beating a police officer after she was accused of trespassing Four Seasons mall in Greensboro.

Woah Vicky Parents (Father Steve Waldrip and Mother Carla Johnson.)

Woah Vicky is the daughter of Steve Waldrip and Carla Johnson. Her father, Steve Waldrip, is a real estate. He is the CEO of Homes by Steve Waldrip. He is a Marietta, Georgia native. Education-wise, Steve Waldrip is a business administration graduate from the University of Georgia, class of 1977.

Before becoming a real estate mogul, he worked in software and sales. He then got into his father’s business. His father, Marvin Waldrip, is also a home builder who had his own business.

Vicky Woah’s father, Steve Waldrip, is a member of the Marietta high school booster club, Athletics department. He was once a mentor in the Youth Apprenticeship program in Marietta High school.

He is also one of the sponsors of the Cobb landmarks and historical association, which aims at preserving local historical sites. On the other hand, Woah Vicky’s mother, Carla Johnson, is an author and Keynote speaker. Details about her biography are unknown.

Name Woah, Vicky.
Net Worth $1.5 million.
Age 19 years.
Parents Steve Waldrip and Carla Johnson

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