The Wheelers Dealers Cast Net Worth 2021.

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The documentary from British began airing on the discovery channel UK and Motor Trend USA in 2003. The reality show focuses on Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead, who both share a common interest in motor vehicles, as they both partner to reconstruct faulty cars, on the verge to make a profit.

Later on, once their mission is accomplished, the repaired car is taken for a test drive, then Mike Brewer debates on the price of the car with a willing buyer. The series is created by car enthusiasts Daniel Allum and Michael Wood. So far, the programme has had 14 series.

Check Wheelers Dealers Cast Net Worth in 2021.

Mike Brewer: $1.5 Million.

Mike Brewer, Born on August 28, 1964 (currently 57 years old) is an English car trader with vast experience in car dealing.

Due to his passion in car dealing for many years, he has gained popularity for featuring on various car related reality shows since 1997 such as ‘Deal on wheels'( now wheeler-dealers), ‘Driven’, ‘pulling power’, ‘Auto trader’, ‘Wrecks to riches’, ‘Remote madness’ and ‘Frontline Battle machines’.

Starting off his career work as an auto trader, his career has been very rewarding in monetary terms. Over the years as a car dealer and show host, Mike Brewer has been able to get massive cash flow. Currently, Wheelers Dealers cast Mike Brewer is estimated to have a net worth of 1.5 million dollars in 2021.

Mike brewer Net Worth

Many times, Mike Brewer has been suspected of being of gay sexual orientation. To vanquish this weird rumor, Mike Brewer is happily married to his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Brewer for eighteen years now.

They together have one beautiful daughter, Chloe Brewer, whom they seem to share a very close bond with, given that she is their only child. Mike frequently shows off his family on his social media platforms, mainly on his tweeter.

Edd China: $30 Million.

Edd China, a British motor specialist, inventor, and TV host has a net worth of $3 million, an amount he has garnered from his work as a co-host of Wheelers Dealers and Auto traders. Former Wheelers Dealers cast Edd runs two thriving auto parts and merchandise companies; Banana limited and Grease Junkie.

Born on 9th May 1971, currently aged 50 years, Edd China has had a visible passion for car mechanics since his childhood. In pursuit of this great passion, Edd China studied a Bachelors degree in Engineering product design in London South Bank University where he invented the casual Lofa (a driving sofa) during his school project.

Edd China Net Worth

The casual Lofa was a huge success since it landed him on his first job on TV in 1994. Following his mastery in inventing new items, Edd has taken up several records in the Guinness book of world records such as “fastest office” and “fastest mobile bed”.

He has frequently been featured on the “ Top gear” to showcase his motor inventions. On Edd Chinas live life, he is currently married to his longtime lover, Edd China. The duo has not had any children yet, but they seem so happy together, given that Edd China is always flaunting his wife on social media.

Ant Anstead: $100,000

Born on March 1979, 41-year-old Ant Anstead is renowned for being the presenter of Channel 4’s “For the love of cars” with co-host Philip Glenister. As from 2017, Anstead took the place of Edd China as a co-presenter of the ‘Wheel Dealers’ reality TV show.

Ant Anstead began his working life in police service after which he quit after six years of service to pursue a career as a car builder.

In 2014, his career as a car builder and a TV personality began when he created his show, “The world’s most expensive cars.” Since then, Anstead has hosted a variety of shows until now. To share out his prowess with the world, Ant Anstead came up with a publication in May 2017, called cops and robbers: The Story of the British police car.

Ant Anstead Net Worth

On his personal life, Anstead is married to American TV star Christine El Mousa since December 22, 2018. He is a dad to 2 kids from his previous marriage.

Anstead’s net worth was slightly above $100,000. Considering the massive growth in his career, his net worth is $5 million as of 2021.

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