What happened to Zeke on ‘Bering Sea Gold’ 2019? Did he Leave the Show?

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Zeke Tenhoff is an American treasure hunter, businessman, and television personality who hails from Alaska. The man gradually made a name for himself on the Discovery Channel Show, Bearing Sea Gold. Want to know what happened to Zeke Tenhoff on Bering Sea Gold? continue reading.

Zeke and his team set out on to the sea in search of their bounty. He is the proprietor of a gold mining company he founded back in his twenties.

The Alaskan native was also homeschooled and brought up to rely on his wits and basic skills. So what happened to Zeke Tenhoff on Bearing Sea Gold?  Find out in this review.

Who is Zeke Tenhoff?

Zeke Tenhoff is an Alaskan native who specializes in the field of gold mining. Owing to being homeschooled, Zeke took an unconventional path in regards to a career.

This was unsurprising as his old man was also a treasure hunter. He took Zeke and his brother out on one of his expeditions in Albania. Though the expedition was relatively unsuccessful, Zeke got the treasure hunting bug from then on.

He started a mining company when he was still relatively young, invested in a dredge, and set out to sea in search of gold. It was not an easy business, and returns were usually unpredictable. When the returns started diminishing, Zeke reached out to an old girlfriend, Emily Riedel.

Together, the two salvaged Zeke’s dredge after Emily reinvested some of her capital into his business. The pair also rerouted their mining expeditions from Alaska to Sledge Island.

Despite the fact that a lot of ships and planes tended to disappear in the area they set out to work on, it was a risk worth taking as the other dredges had dried up. They were not producing as much gold as they did in the past.

Image of Zeke Tenhoff from the Discovery Channel Show, Bearing Sea Gold
Zeke Tenhoff from the Discovery Channel Show, Bearing Sea Gold

Zeke is known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel Show, Bearing Sea Gold. The show first premiered on the 27th of January 2012 in Nome, Alaska.

So far, it has 11 seasons to its name and has aired over 114 episodes on the Discovery Channel. The show follows various sets of deep-sea diving treasure hunters as they venture all around the water in search of bounty.

We follow them from shallow waters to the deep end of the oceans. Zeke Tenhoff starred alongside the likes of Shawn Pomrenke and Mike Rowe. He quickly became a fan favorite after a few episodes on the show.

Zeke Tenhoff’s Net worth.

Before you know about if Zeke leave Bering Sea Gold, know about his wealth first.

Zeke is a reality television personality and a renowned treasure hunter out on the open ocean. He starred on the show Bearing Sea Gold and also owns a dredge and gold mining company.

This would suggest that his net worth is quite substantial at the moment. It came as no surprise when we learned that Zeke Tenhoff’s net worth stands at $ 125,000.

This is a figure that will continue to grow as Zeke goes on more expeditions. Surely, he is bound to unearth some more gold, and we will be here to keep you updated.

Is Zeke Tenhoff married?

Zeke Tenhoff has been involved with a number of women over the past few years. He was initially dating his business partner, Emily Riedel. The two, however, were not compatible as their relationship was categorized with heated arguments. Still didn’t know what happened to Zeke on Bering sea gold? continue reading.

Image of Zeke Tenhoff with his girlfriend Emily Riedel
Zeke Tenhoff with his girlfriend, Emily Riedel

Over the years, the two discovered they worked better as friends and business partners. Emily came in and saved Zeke’s business when it was on the brink of ruin.

Zeke would then go on to date a woman named Sarah Dunn. The two kept their relationship private, and such, there isn’t a lot of information about the pair.

What happened to Zeke on Bering Sea Gold?

By the time the 11th season of Bering Sea Gold rolled around, fans were shocked when they did not see Zeke on the show. After a few more episodes aired, the treasure hunter had still not featured on the show. While the show’s fans were excited for the new seasons, most were audibly disappointed at the fact that they had not seen him yet.

As a result, people began speculating that he had been released from the show. However, this was not confirmed by the Discovery Channel. It could be that the show just chose to focus on a few new faces in their initial episodes, and Zeke will be making an appearance later on.

So let’s wait and see. We will keep you up to date with any new information that comes through.

Zeke Tenhoff Wiki-bio.

Full name Zeke Tenhoff
Age 33 years old.
Date of Birth 20th January 1987.
Place of Birth Alaska, USA.
Profession Gold miner, Entrepreneur, Reality television Personality
Net worth $ 125,000
Partner Sarah Dunn
Kids Under review
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Under review.

Zeke Tenhoff was born on January 20th, back in 1987. This would make the television personality 33 years this year. There is not a lot of information regarding the name of his parents or his early childhood.

His hometown is in the state of Alaska, where his parents also homeschooled him. As such, he did not go to college later. Instead, Zeke followed in his father’s footsteps. The old man was also a treasure hunter who took his children alongside some of his expeditions.

This might be why Zeke decided to take up a career in treasure hunting as well. He would go on to acquire a dredge when he was in his early 20s. What would follow was a decade long adventure out in the open water in search of treasure. Zeke Tenhoff’s career was characterized by a lot of highs and lows. It was to be expected as gold mining was an unpredictable business.

He sought help from an unconventional source, his ex-girlfriend, and together, they were able to keep his company afloat. Zeke Tenhoff became a household name after he started featuring on the discovery channel show, Bering Sea Gold.

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