Trick Daddy’s Net Worth

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Maurice Samuel Young, popularly known by his stage name Trick Daddy is a famous American rapper and reality television star in the show “Love and Hip hop Miami.” Due to his massive success in the industry, he’s managed to garner a handsome amount of cash, with his current net worth estimated to be $500,000. His total earnings from the reality show are unveiled, but he certainly earns a considerable amount from the show.

Early Life.

Trick Daddy was born on 27th September 1973 at Liberty City Miami, USA. He grew up in a very unpleasant environment, being forced to sell crack cocaine on the streets when he was as young as fifteen years old. He was unfortunately put behind bars for illegal firearms and drug possession. At 20, he was again arrested for attempted murder.

After release from prison, Trick Daddy met the founder if Slip and Slide records who motivated him to focus on his rap talent.

Trick Daddy Net Worth: $500,000.

In 1997, Slip N Slide released his album ” Based On A True Story” which was well received by music lovers all over the globe, selling more than 127,000 copies in the United States. The next year, Trick Daddy released another album “” which sold over 500,000 copies.

As a newbie in music, Trick Daddy had the name Trick Daddy Dollars which he dropped in 1998.

Image of Trick Daddy's Net Worth
Trick Daddy’s Net Worth

Due to his expertise and naturally flowing talent in rapping, Trick Daddy caught the attention of numerous producers. He signed into Atlantic Records, releasing an album titled “Book of Thug: Chapter AK verse 47”. Millions of people and music critics well received the album, thus increasing his popularity it the United States. Since then, Trick Daddy produced numerous albums, the most popular ones being “Thug Matrimony: Married to the streets” in 2004, “Am so Hood” in 2006. His latest most popular album is “Thug Motivation 103: Huslerz Ambition” released in 2012. In 2013, he released a mixtape “Dick and Dynamite.” Trick Daddy is now participating in various concerts in the United States, showcasing his hit albums and new releases to his many fans.

Personal life.

Trick Daddy suffers from a rare condition known as Lupus which has adversely affected his skin. He quit medication recently and decided to fully embrace the disease because of the adverse side effects that the drug was bringing to his liver and kidneys.

The rapper has kept all details on his love life hidden, maybe for fear of public scrutiny. He allegedly dated fellow rapper Trina from 1998 to 2002. The relationship ended mysteriously. He is a dad to two kids from different women.

In recent times, Trick Daddy has had to deal with serious financial difficulties, declaring bankruptcy three times.

When filling, Trick owed $35,000 child support to his first baby mama and another $22,000 to a different baby mama. Besides, he owed 570,000 in taxes and mortgage, making his total debt over 630,000. He had 430,000 in assets.

Reportedly, the situation is now entirely under control, and he is no longer bankrupt.

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