Trading Spaces cast Net Worth and Bio 2021.

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Trading spaces is an hour-long reality television series on TLC and Discovery Home that showcases two sets of neighbors as they strive to redecorate a room in each others house on a $1000 budget on the services of expert designers and carpenters. The renovated rooms are then unveiled on the final day of the set period of redecoration.

Trading Spaces Cast Paige Davis Net Worth.

Paige Davis (Trading Space Cast) was born on October 15, 1969, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania as Mindy Paige Davis. She grew up in Wisconsin and attended Charles H. Bird Elementary school.

Paige Davis Net Worth

After that, Paige joined the Louisville Youth Performing Arts school. For further education, she went to Meadows School of Arts in Southern  Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Later on, she went to Los Angeles to study acting theatre and dancing. He career  path took off soon after graduation when she took up a role in Broadway Musical “Beauty and The Beast.”

At the present moment, Paige is renowned for being the host of the show “Trading Spaces” since 2001 after taking the place of the shows former host Alex Mcleod. Other than being the host of the show, Paige has also been featured in other shows such as Iron Chef America and Homemade Simple. Also, Paige is an author who has written several books.

According to reliable sources, Paige Davis net worth is currently $1.5 million while her exact salary is unknown.

Trading Space Cast Sabrina Soto Net Worth: $2 Million.

Her exact salary is under review. The naturally talented Tv personality appears as a host and judge in numerous HGTV shows like Real Estate Intervention, Get I Sold, HGTV Green  Home and White House Christmas.

Sabrina Soto Net Worth

Born on December 27, 1975, 45-year-old Sabrina Soto followed the footsteps of her mom, who was an interior designer. Looking at her personal life,  Sabrina is now a mum to a 3-year-old daughter whom she comfortably co-parents with her longtime boyfriend, Steve Grunberg.

Sabrina Soto’s net worth is $2 million as of 2019.

John Gidding Net Worth: $3 Million.

Born on 7th January in Istanbul Turkey in the year 1977, 44-year-old John Gidding is a designer,  Tv host, CEO of John Gidding Inc design company, and former model  He started fashion modeling in 2000 as a graduate student at Havard graduate school of design, working for Armani,  Gucci,  and Hugo boss prior to being hired by Wilhemina models.

John Gidding Net Worth

Later on,  he worked as a spokesmodel for Jhane Barnes in 2004 for one year and appeared as a cover model for various romance novels. The Tv shows that John Gidding has featured in so far include: Designed to sell, Curb appeal and Family’s knock first. Trading Spaces cast John Gidding’s Net worth is $3 Million.

Brett Tutor Net Worth: $2 Million.

Born in September 1985 in Austin Texas,  Brett grew up in Georgetown and is a graduate of Georgetown high school. He began as a military officer in the US air force when he was 21 years old.

Brett Tutor Net Worth

After his career ended due to medical complications, he trained as an emergency medical technician at a SWAT school. Afterward, he worked as a stuntman for various films and commercials before joining acting classes with his then-girlfriend. When still a student, Brett got a job as a stuntman in Robert DUV, all movie seven lays in Utopia which opened up ways for several other jobs. Trading Spaces cast Brett Tutor’s Net Worth is $2 Million.

Joanie Sprague Net Worth: $1.5 Million.

Thirty-nine years old carpenter Joanie Sprague is a former American Next top model born on September 20, 1981, as Joan Ann Dodds in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania. Later on in her childhood, she moved to Rawson, Ohio and studied at Cory Rawson High school. To further he studies, Joanie studied Computer science and economics at the University of Findlay.

Joanie Sprague Net Worth

Looking at her personal life, Joanie Sprague is married to Chris Sprague since September 2015. She is the owner of Neal Freaks LA, a contractor business. Trading Spaces cast Joanie Sprague’s Net Worth is $1.5 Million. Besides being a cast member of trading spaces, Joanie hosts a show on the DIY network known as Run my renovator.

Nate Berkus Net Worth $18 Million.

Nate Berkus got to the limelight after appearing severally on Oprah Winfrey show. Designer Nate was born on 17th September in Orange County.

Nate Berkus Net Worth

After studying sociology and French, Nate made up his mind to follow his passion for design by pursuing a career in design. Later on,  he launched his show ‘Nate Berkus show’ on the NBC network. He is openly gay and married to Jeremiah Brent.

As of 2021, Trading Spaces cast Nathan Jay Berkus’ net worth is estimated to be $18 million garnered mainly from his interior design venture known as Nate Berkus associates.

Trading Spaces Jeremiah Brent Net Worth: $1.5 Million.

Jeremiah Brent is a self-taught designer born on November 24, 1984, in the United States. Just looking at his lavish lifestyle,  it is unavoidable to conclude that Jeremiah Brent is stinking rich.

He is the owner of Jeremiah Brent Design firm, a multipurpose interior design firm founded in 2011. As an ambassador of LGBT, Jeremiah Brent doesn’t hide his gay status and seeks to normalize the status in the eyes of society.

Jeremiah Brent Net Worth

Currently, he is married to Nate Berkus, and the duo lives in West Hollywood with their two adoptive kids. As of 2021, Jeremiah Brent’s Net Worth is $1.5 Million.

Doug Wilson Net Worth $2.5 Million.

Doug Wilson is renowned for being featured as an interior designer on Trading Spaces and being the Former host of moving up and America’s Ugliest Rooms on TLC.

Trading Spaces cast Doug Wilson Net Worth

Dough Wilson is a graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Due to his unique designs which sometimes provoke emotions of his customers on the show, Doug Wilson has trapped many fans throughout the years he’s appeared on Tv. Besides that, he is a highly sought after motivational speaker.

As of now, Doug Wilson’s net worth is $2.5 Million. To share out his unique knowledge in interior design, he has authored a book titled: Doug Rooms: Transforming  Your Space One room at a time.

Trading Spaces Cast Hildi Santo Thomas Net Worth is $5 Million.

 She brings in an average salary of $47,480 every month.

Hildi Santo Thomas Net Worth

For her education, Hildi Santo Thomas studied industrial relations and economics at the University of North Calorina on Chapel Hill. Besides appearing on Trading Spaces, Thomas appeared on the series “Pyramid” in 2003.

Hildi Santo Thomas is a renowned self-taught home designer who currently holds a net worth of $5 million which has been brought in mainly from her work as an interior designer for many years.

Her personal life is happiness filled, as she is married to artist Ettiene Fourgeron. There is no information regarding whether the couple has children or not.

Vern Yip Net Worth: $8.4 Million.

Born on 27th June in the year1968 in Hong Kong, Vern Yip is currently an interior designer and panel judge on HGTV’s design star. For high school education,  Vern Yip attended Mclean High School. He is a B.A Economics and B. S Chemistry graduate from the University of Virginia. Working as an interior designer has paid off, as Trading Spaces cast Vern Yip now holds a net worth of $8.4 million. His salary is still a top secret for him.

Vern Yip Net Worth

Concerning his marriage life, Vern Yip is married to Craig Koch. Together they have two lovely kids, a son Gavin Joshua Mannox and daughter Vera Lilian.

Laurie Smith Net Worth: $2 Million.

Laurie Smith is a designer, speaker, and author whose net worth and salary are undisclosed. Before studying interior design at New York school of design, Laurie Smith acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast journalism from SMU in Dallas. Born on 23rd May 1971, 50-year-old Laurie Smith is now a mother to two kids Gibson and India whom she lives within Memphis together with her husband, Brad Wither-spoon Smith.

Laurie Smith Net Worth

In 2005, she authored her book titled “Discovering Homes,” which includes ways in which people can apply their design techniques at their own homes and offices. Laurie Smith’s Net Worth as of 2021 is $2 Million.

Ty Pennington Net Worth: $13 Million.

Ty Pennington is a Tv host, presenter, artist, and author. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the US  as Gray Tygert Bryton on October 19, 1964. Later on,  he attended Art Institute of Atlanta where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design.

Ty Pennington Net Worth

His popularity grew from his role as a carpenter in Trading Spaces and his job as the host of ABC reality Tv series Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Also, he was the host of the talk show “The Revolution” on ABC and American Dinner Revival on Food Network. As of 2019, Ty Pennington’s net worth is $13 million, attributed mainly by the show Extreme Makeover where he brings in a salary of $75,000 per episode.

Carter Oosterhouse Net Worth: $2 Million.

Oosterhouse’s other income sources are the NBC’s show “Three Wishes,” and ABC’s reality competition “The Great Christmas Light Fight” in 2013The 44-year-old actor, and Tv host was born on 12th September 1976 in Traverse City, Michigan.

Carter Oosterhouse Net Worth

After graduating from Central Michigan University in Mount Peasant, he pursued a modeling an acting career which he started in 2003. Before Tv hosting, Carter Oosterhouse was a model for Nivea, Lincoln and Miller Light.

Carter Oosterhouse’s net worth is $2 million, garnered from the appearance on shows like Carter can on HGTV, Red Hot and Green, Million Dollar Room and Celebrity Motor Homes.

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