Roger Cook From “This Old House” Health Update.

Originally posted on July 15, 2019 @ 1:31 am

Well! The term landscaper mainly knows Roger Cook. Yes! He has been the landscape and Garden contractor for the program named, “The Old House” on the PBS Home Renovation.

You can see a lot of Roger his garden ideas and designs on his social media profiles. This program is running since 1988, and Roger has also made his appearance in associated programs like “Ask this old house” and “Inside this old house. He was also nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Class Series.

Roger Cook Net Worth

Roger Cook’s net worth is $11 million from investments and his protracted career. Graduated from the University Of mane, Roger currently serves the editorial board of ‘this old house’ magazine.

TOH Roger Cook is ill. What happened to him?

In June 2018, Cook proclaimed that his health is not at all in a healthy state. So, he will be seen on television programs lesser. In one of his open letters, he wrote that he has been loving and enjoying his job for many years and he is also proud to be a part of it.

He has made lots of friends and treats all as a family, but since last year, he has seen his health not being in perfect condition. So, he has decided to reduce his role in ‘This old house’ and ‘Ask this old house.’

Roger Cook from “This Old House” also confirmed that he is dealing with several health issues which are making him very difficult to remain active on the show. That’s why he wants to be on the program for a shorter period and look up at his health and family.

roger cook illness

TOH Roger Cook’s limping has nowhere hidden from all. And recently his limps have been in severe condition. What could be the possibility of such stiffer movement of his legs than before?

Many of his fans believe -this might be happening because of the primary health issues which occur after getting old as Cook is in his 60’s. Many speculated that he might be suffering from a back problem, i.e., spinal stenosis or maybe a deep leg injury. But none of their guesses have yet been confirmed.

Cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

As the TOH fans are always keen to know about the basic lifestyles of their favorite actors, they have noticed Cook’s absence in most of the part of season 40 of ‘this old house’ and also in season 49, they noticed that Roger looks ill.

Though his health know-about is still private, he is having difficulties while working. For this, some people speculated that he might be suffering from Parkinson’s ( a chronic neurological disease that later in life decreased the dopamine production and marks the tremor of resting muscles, slow movement, impaired balance, etc).

The fact of Roger Cook having Parkinson’s has not yet been confirmed. Even some people stated that he might be having a heart attack problem.

Roger Cook Cancer

Roger has been keeping his health issues much private as possible. And people are coming out with different guesses and creating false rumors of him having spine stenosis, heart attack, Parkinson’s, and whatnot.

TOH Roger Cook Health Update.

Roger confirmed to his fans that due to several health issues, he is not well at all, but he is in good hands. He also requested his fans to respect his family’s privacy at this moment. Roger Cook lives with his two children.

His wife Kathleen died in 2010. PBS updated about his health issues, physically not being in good condition and the exact problem is still unknown to all. Only the sure interpretation of all is that Cook is battling with several health issues.

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