Tech N9ne Net Worth. How Much is Rapper Aaron Dontez Yates (TechN9ne) Worth in 2021?

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Real name: Aaron Dontez Yates, professionally known as Tech N9ne is a 50-year-old award-winning American rapper, singer, actor, record producer, and business person.

He is the founder of Strange music, a record label that he co-founded with his friend Travis O’ Guin. Tech N9ne got his stage name from rapper Black Walt. Get to know more about Tech N9ne net worth in 2021.

Tech N9ne Net Worth 2021:

He has garnered such a huge net worth from the music world. Although he does not make much album sales like other artists, he takes part in numerous concerts.

He does over 100 live shows per year. Endorsements also top up his income. In 2018, Boulevard Brewing company produced a beer brand known as Bou Lou named after his song Caribou Lou. Also, Tech narrated a Superbowl commercial for Sporting Kc in 2016. But that’s not all income source for Tech N9ne’s Net Worth.

Apart from being a rapper, Tech N9ne has worked in various TV films. He appeared as Choco in the film vengeance. He also featured in the movie ‘Alleluia’ as The Librarian.

Besides that, he was a zombie in the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn. He appeared in the documentary ‘The Psychumentary‘ in 2008. Also, Tech was featured in the film ‘Alpha Dog’ alongside Justin Timberlake.

Tech N9ne had taken part in several Tv programs like Unsung, Hip Hop Squares, When I was 17, and Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out. All these Television appearances have earned Tech N9ne a vast amount of cash.

Tech N9ne’s net worth is $21 million.

Topping up his income sources is the fact that his music is used in numerous TV films and video games.

His music is used in films like; Born 2 Race, Gang Related, Alpha Dog, Our Heroes: The 25 Best Black Sports Movies (Ever), and The Life of a Lucky Cucumber.

The video games that use Tech N9ne’s music include; Madden NFL2006, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, EA Sports MMA, and 25 to Li. Not forgetting, Tech N9ne sells T-shirts written ‘Strange Music Saved my life,’ and ‘Strange Music Ruined my life.’

With such a huge net worth, he probably owns multimillion properties. Unlike other celebrities who come out clear with the properties they own, Tech N9ne has not disclosed much information about his assets. He owns a house in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Career Highlight.

Tech N9ne music career kicked off in 1991. He was a member of the Black Group, Black Mafia. His first album was ‘The Calm Before The Storm’ released by Midwest side Records in 1999.

Tech N9ne Net Worth

The following year, he produced a second album, ‘The Worst.’ His third album ‘Anghellic’ was produced by his record label Strange Music in 2001. In 2002, Tech N9ne produced the album ‘Absolute Power,’ which sold over 355,000 album copies.

Since then, he released numerous albums such as ‘Misery Loves Kompany,’ ‘Killer,’ ‘Sickology 101’, ‘The Gates Mixed Plate,’ and ‘All 6’s and 7’s’ among others. His latest album is N9na, which is his 21st studio album.

Name Tech N9ne- Aaron Dontez Yates.
Birthday 8th November 1971.
Age 50 years old.
Net Worth $21 million

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