Tai Lopez Net Worth: How Much is Tai Lopez Worth?

Originally posted on April 16, 2019 @ 8:50 am

An internet sensation, investor and a motivational speaker, Tai Lopez is the one person that has done it all. Starting from a very little ground, he was born and raised by his mother in Long Beach, California. His father was serving his sentence in prison while he was growing up.

Inspired by Aristotle’s teachings on Nichomachean Ethics, Tai Lopez started searching for the meaning of his life. In the aspiration of finding the meaning of his life and to understand the act of balancing a good life, he wrote a letter to his grandfather about these thoughts in his mind. His grandfather adviced him to find his answers from multiple sources as no single person has all the answers. Tai Lopez had never imagined that his search for a “good life” would help him to earn such a right amount and a net worth of such a figure.

Who is Tai Lopez? His career information

Tai Lopez had the mindset of an entrepreneur from a very early stage. At the tender age of 6, Tai Lopez started selling cherry tomatoes for his mother. After not being able to sell much of them, he began a lemonade stand.

Tai Lopez went to college, but soon he realized that academics were not meant for him. He dropped out of the college and started reading books sent by his grandfather to him. After spending much of the time in reading books, he then decided to meet the writers personally. So he saved some money and went on a journey to discover himself and his meaning of life.

Tai Lopez is also famous for his popular program “The 67 Steps Program”.  The program is aimed at making people financially independent and to live a good life. The program is divided into 30 to 60 minutes of videos. The program approaches a community-based approach in which users can share and discuss relevant topics. Further, the members are encouraged to make phone calls to Tai Lopez’s team every month. While we can assume that he has built a successful life out of nowhere, but still many speculate that the monthly earnings and the net worth of the star is fake.

Work Highlight

After dropping out of college, Tai Lopez did some menial work as he had no skill sets or a degree. He then joined General Electric capital.  According to sources, his first successful venture was in Elite Global Dating LLC. Since then he has acted as an investor in more than 20 multi-million dollars businesses.

Image of Tai Lopez Net Worth
Tai Lopez Net Worth

His career started with a man known as Mike. He taught Tai Lopez the basics of investing, business and finance. Mike encouraged Tai Lopez to take a course in, and he currently holds a degree in financial planning. Apart from that he owns a night club in Hollywood and spends most of the time as a founder, investor, motivational speaker and advisor to his 20 multi-million companies, making his net worth in millions. Moreover, Tai Lopez has 8 millions of viewers for the Ted talks.

Tai Lopez Net Worth in 2021

Tai Lopez has made multiple sources of revenue. While he spends most of the time on mentoring his business, he spends the rest of the time as a motivational speaker. On one occasion when he was asked whether his estimated net worth is $5 million or not, he smiled and replied sweetly. According to sources, Tai Lopez’s net worth is around $50 million.

House and car details

Tai Lopez loves to show off his cars and mansions in his videos. As far as the sources are concerned, cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and other favorite sports car are frequent on his show. While some claim the net worth and the vehicles and mansions of the celebrity are fake, he continues to live his extravagant life.

Quick info Table

Name Tai Lopez
Net Worth $50 million dollars (estimated)
Profession Investor, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker
Spouse None
Age 44 years
Birthdate 10th April, 1977

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