Street outlaws cast Salary, Net Worth 2021, and Real Names.

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Most of us like to live our lives at a normal slow pace but not for adrenaline seekers like the cast of the reality documentary TV series ‘Street Outlaws.’ ‘Street Outlaws’ is a show that features the world of street racing and some prominent names in the business that appear like the cast of the show.

You may know about most of the cast members like Kye Kelly, Big Chief, Farm truck, Kamikaze, Chuck, Monza, Daddy Dave, Doc, and AZN. However, today get to know them more personally starting with their real names and then a short bio. You may also be very curious about the net worth and the salary per episode.

Find out Street Outlaws Cast salary per episode and a short bio below.

Street Outlaws Kye Kelley Net Worth.

Kye Kelley may as well be the only racer from ‘Street Outlaws’ who is famous for his own name, and not a nickname was given to him in street racing, but he is sometimes called ‘Shocker.’ Kye Kelley is estimated to have a net worth of more than 500,000 dollars. He has such a massive net worth due to his equally incredible salary of around 150,000 dollars a year.

Kye Kelley Net Worth is $500,000
Kye Kelley Net Worth is $500,000

His exact salary per episode has not been disclosed yet, but his annual salary and net worth should give us the idea of it being a pretty hefty amount. Kye Kelly is a racer from Southern Mississippi who has established his name among the best street racers nationwide.

He used to be married to former wife Alisa Mote, but now they are separated and divorced. They have a son together Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. He is currently dating a fellow street racer and ‘Street Outlaw’ cast Lizzy Musi.

Street Outlaws Justin “Big Chief” Shearer

Perhaps the biggest name in ‘Street Outlaws’ and street-racing itself, Big Chief can even be seen as the center hold for the show. His real name is Justin Shearer, and he is also the leading man who decides who can go into the list of racers. He was born on 9th December 1980 and was a fan of street racing since he was just 9 years old.

Big Chief Net Worth is $2 Million.
Big Chief Net Worth is $2 Million.

He had started Street racing at 12 years of age and today is a big name for street racing in Oklahoma City and the whole country. Big Chef’s net worth is estimated to be around 2 million dollars, but his exact salary has not been disclosed yet, so we do not know his salary per episode.

When it comes to his personal life, Justin was married to his longtime girlfriend, Alicia Shearer in 2006. They even have children together, two sons, Covil and Corbin. Unfortunately, Justin Shearer has also separated and divorced from his former wife.

Street Outlaws Cast Farm Truck Salary, Net Worth.

Farm Truck or as he is also known by his real name, Sean Whitley is a name no racer can forget. Named after his ride, 1970 C-10 Chevy Pickup that he uses to race, Farm truck is undoubtedly a racer to watch out for.

FarmTruck Net Worth is $850,000
FarmTruck Net Worth is $850,000

He takes on races along with his trusty younger partner, AZN who is also a cast member of ‘Street Outlaws.’ Farm truck is estimated to have a net worth of around 850,000 dollars. His annual salary and salary per episode are still not known.

Street Outlaws Kamikaze Salary, Net Worth.

Kamikaze, real name Chris is as fresh as his nickname. He is an old-time pal of the Big chief aka Justin Shearer. Kamikaze Chris has also had racer blood since a young age with his father also being interested in racing cars and boats.

Kamikaze Net Worth is $300,000
Kamikaze Net Worth is $300,000

Chris seems to have picked it up from his father as since a young age he used to run bikes at the motor cross but later traded his motorcycle for a car and got into street racing.

Chris took a short hiatus from racing in the middle with friend Big Chief, but he is back with a new car ‘El Camino’ belonging to their late friend Flip whose real name is Tyler Priddy. Kamikaze is estimated to own a net worth of nearly 300,000. His salary per episode that results in her massive net worth is 30,000 dollars.

Chuck From Street Outlaws Net Worth, Salary.

Chuck or as his real full name, Chuck Seitsinger is another top racer of the reality hit show ‘Street Outlaws.’ He has a good win rate thanks to his car; a 1989 Ford fox body Mustang he likes to call ‘Deathtrap.’ He has even able to gather an estimated net worth of around 650,000 dollars.

Chuck Net Worth is $650,000
Chuck Net Worth is $650,000

There is not much known about the personal bio of Chuck. All we know is that Chuck has an own successful life where he is happily married to a wife with 3 daughters. His eldest daughter is currently studying at Oklahoma State University with a major in veterinary medicine and another daughter named Maddie.

Monza From Street Outlaws Salary, Net Worth

Monza is an underrated but very popular member of the ‘Street Outlaws.’ In the show, he drives a Chevrolet Camaro. Street Outlaws Monza has an estimated net worth of close to 500,000 dollars and has a disclosed amount of a massive salary as well.

Monza Net Worth is $500,000
Monza Net Worth is $500,000

Street Outlaws Monza’s real name is Jerry Johnston and likes to call his car ‘Sinister Split Bumper.’ We are still looking into his salary per episode.

Daddy Dave Net Worth, Salary.

Daddy Dave is a big name in the Oklahoma City-based show ‘Street Outlaws’ and in the world of street racing in general. Street Outlaws Daddy Dave’s real name is David Comstock, and he was born on 4th April 1973 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.


Daddy Dave developed a love for cars and racing ever since he first rode his father’s car when he was 16. David Comstock aka Daddy Dave has an estimated net worth of nearly 900,000 dollars because of his massive salary of 20,000 he receives per episode. David is indeed a family man as he is married with two young daughters.

Doc From Street Outlaws Net Worth, Salary.

Doc is a famous racer in ‘Street Outlaws’ who is the owner of the 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that he likes to call ‘The Street Beast.’ His real name is James Love, and he has been married to wife Judy Law since1990 with two daughters.


He has an estimated net worth of close to 550,000 dollars while his salary per episode remains under calculation.

AZN Net Worth, Salary.

AZN initially made an introduction to the show with Farm Truck as his partner. The two had met while racing in the street of 405 and since then have grown to be trusted associates.

AZN net worth is $350,000
AZN net worth is $350,000

AZN initially was seen racing together with Farm truck but as of late has been racing independently with a 1966 VW Bug named ‘The Dung Beetle’ since February 2018. AZN’s real name is Jeff Bonnett and is estimated at a net worth of nearly 350,000 dollars. He is also named smack talker in the show, and his salary per episode remains a matter of evaluation.

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