Shroud Net Worth 2019: How much does shroud make?

Originally posted on June 18, 2019 @ 3:00 am

Shroud (real name: Michael Grzesiek), is a tremendous force to reckon with. Shroud was born on June 2, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He is of Polish-Canadian descent – renowned for his appearance in Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Formerly Shroud was a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. With all these games at hand, Shroud’s net worth has swollen considerably owing to his successful gaming career.

Who is Shroud? Work highlight.

Shroud is a daring and fantastic guy. He transitioned from a competitive CS: GO player to full time streaming on Twitch. So far, Shroud has streamed for 6,000 thousand hours and garnered over 400 million views. That tells you that he is a renowned streamer and he is already very influential. Unlike others who are vloggers, he took the line of gaming, and he has stuck to it like glue. So far, he has ten games online.

Shroud Net Worth

Moreover, he has also diversified, and he runs a YouTube channel that has over 4.7 million subscribers; not to mention that his Twitch channel has over 6 million followers. This huge following has brought him considerable wealth. To top it all, Shroud is not monotonous because he has diversified in his games. He has quite several games like clutching, prowling, and weapon accuracy, among others.

In April 2018, Shroud announced his retirement from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Cloud9. He did that purposely to allow him to get a chance to engage in other games. With such a large following and viewership on Twitch and YouTube, Shroud gets some good returns. His prowess and exceptional gaming skills have been the backbone of his success in the gaming world.

Shroud Net Worth 2019 is $4 Million.

Shroud is a Twitch star and a video game streamer. He has glittering gaming skills because he is a former eSports player. Furthermore, he is exceptionally well known for his role in Cloud9. His gaming career was born by playing for Manajuma, Slow Motion, Complexity, and Exertus. During his tenure at Cloud9, he completed many tournaments and won over $200,000 worth of prizes. Consequently, that added to his coffers. Those who are fortunate to get many subscribers are also guaranteed that they will get many views whenever they upload videos on YouTube or any other platform.

Better still, Twitch pays its active video streamers $3,000 per 1000 subscribers per month. No wonder Shroud net worth has swollen within a short time because his efforts work for him even when he is sleeping.  He gets paid for the number of subscribers he has in diverse online platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Currently, Shroud net worth is $4 million, and it is still increasing because he has invested online.

House and Cars details.

With his enormous savings that Shroud has amassed within seven years, it goes without saying that he can afford to purchase a good house and high-end spin machines. However, his house and cars cannot be established because he has kept the information about them to himself. These celebs live unusual and coveted lives: no wonder they are highly adored by their fans because of their outstanding lifestyles.

Name: Michael Grzesiek

Net worth: $4 million

Profession: Professional Gamer

Spouse: Jessica Rago (girlfriend)

Age: 25 years

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