Serj Tankian Net Worth. Meet his wife Angela Madatyan.

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Serj Tankian has become popular over time for being a very vocal activist and singer. Get to know more about Serj Tankian’s net worth and his wife, Angela Madatyan.

Who is Serj Tankian?

Serj Tankian is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is the lead vocalist, ┬ácomposer, and Keyboardist of the live band ‘System of a Down.’

Furthermore, he owns a music label known as Serjical Strike records. Also, he is a very vocal activist. He advocates for human rights and social justice. As an activist, Serj has taken part in several protests like Armenian Genocide Recognition, Axis of Justice protests, to name a few.

He advocates for human rights even in his songs and uses his songs to express his thoughts and feelings. This activism spirit was inspired by his grandfather, who is a lucky survivor of the Armenian Genocide.

In his entire career, Serj Tankian has released five solo albums, namely, Elect the Dead, Imperfect Harmonies, Harakiri, Orca, and Jazz are Christ.

Serj came to the world on August 21, 1967. His birthplace is Beirut, Lebanon. No detail is known about his early education. He attended California State University Northridge, where he trained as an instrumentalist and writer.

Serj’s music career began after he formed the band ‘Soil’. When all the band members exited, he created the band ‘System of a Down’ with Daron Malakian and Sharon Odadjian.

The band was successful as it came out first on the Billboard 200. Serj released his first solo ‘Elect the Dead’ in 2007. From there, he released ‘Imperfect Harmonies,’ ‘Harakiri,’ ‘Orca Symphony No.1’.

Besides being a musician and activist, Serj is a poet. He has authored two poetry books, ‘Cool Gardens’ and ‘Glaring through Oblivion.’ Besides, he is an actor. He has featured in movies like ‘My little prince,’ ‘The Last Inhabitant,’ ‘1915’, and ‘Furious.’

Serj Tankian Net Worth.

At the present moment, Serj Tankian holds an estimated net worth of $20 million. Serj has earned this huge net worth through album sales and acting. His albums have been making significant sales. The album ‘Imperfect Harmonies’ brought in $13,260 for him.

The 2005 album ‘Hypnotize‘ earned him $1.6 million. ‘Mesmerize’ earned him $2.4 million, and ‘Steal This Album’ brought him a $2 million income.

Serj Tankian Net Worth
Serj Tankian Net Worth is $20 million

His music label ‘Serjical strike records’ is also a significant income stream for Serj. Also, he endorses ‘Bernie Sanders.’

Serj engages in several charity events like the Axis of Justice and Revolution Harmony. He also supports creative arts and Justice.

His music band, ‘System of a Dawn,’ has won 4 Grammy award nominations. The group has also acquired Several Kerrang and MTV awards.

Serj’s two poetry books, ‘Cool Gardens’ and ‘Glaring Oblivion,’ earn him a good amount of cash since they are best sellers.

Serj owns a luxurious house in New Zealand, Warkworth.

Serj Tankian is Married to his wife, Angela Madatyan.

Singer Serj Tankian is married to stylist, designer, and hair expert Angela Madatyan. The two tied the knot on 9th June 2012 after dating for eight years. Their wedding was a private ceremony in Simi Valley, California.

The attendees were requested to refrain from taking any photos as the duo did not want to attract paparazzi for fear of public scrutiny. They now have a four-year-old son named Rumi. They live together in New Zealand, Warkworth.

Serj Tankian And His Wife Angela Madatyan

Serj Tankian and wife Angela Madatyan live a very blissful life, evident from their Instagram photos. There have not been any rumors about any disagreements between them. Their bond is strengthened more by the fact that they are Buddhists. They both believe in reality.

Serj Tankian Wife Angela Madatyan Wiki, Biography.

Angela Madatyan was born in 1983, on August 21 in Vanadzo, Armenia, USA. That means that she is currently 36 years old. She is a designer and a saloon.

Although she was a cover model for a long time, she never gained fame until she got married to Serj Tankian. There is no information regarding Serj Tankian’s wife’s family background and parents.

As mentioned earlier, she is a proud mom to one kid, Rumi. Angela Madatyan greatly supports her husband in his advocacy for human and animal rights.

Name Serj Tankian
Age 52 years
Profession Musician
Net Worth $20 million.

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