Rob Dyrdek Net Worth: How Much is Rob Dyrdek Worth in 2021?

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Born in a humble family, Robert Stanley Dyrdek started his career in professional skateboarding at a young age of 12. He is an American sports personality, a reality TV star, an entrepreneur, an actor and a producer, this celebrity has done it all. His astounding net worth shows how well the star has capitalized his opportunities.

Robert Stanley Dyrdek, famously known as Rob Dyrdek was born on June 28, 1974, in a small town of Ohio. Apart from this nothing much is known about celeb’s early life. Know Rob Dyrdek Net Worth here.

Robert Stanley Dyrdek Net Worth in 2021 is $50 Million.

The professional skateboarder has been able to create 21 Guinness world records for himself and has been associated with different brands for different other ventures.

Looking at the currently lavish lifestyle, the estimated net worth of the former skateboarder is around to be $50 million. His sources of income include his career in professional skateboarding, his television shows, and his different business ventures.

House and car details

Rob Dyrdek has not been quite secretive about his lifestyle, unlike other celebs. He continually uses social media to show his car and houses. The artist holds a house in Los Angeles while his other home is based in Hollywood. Both the houses are enormous and hence display the net worth the star holds of.

Among the cars, the star holds a range of vehicles, showcasing his love for cars. His cars collection include cars like 69 Camaro, Porsche Panamera, Blacked-out Tahoe, Tahoe Version 2, Bentley Continental GT and a T-Rex.

Who is Robert Stanley Dyrdek?

Robert Stanley Dyrdek came across the sport, skateboarding, at a tender age of 11 and soon in short time of a year he was into professional skateboarding. He was gifted his first skateboard at 11 by a professional skateboarder Neil Blender. His town had no proper skateboarding arena, and hence he had to face several issues throughout his practice.

A few years down the line, Robert Stanley Dyrdek decided to start his academy for professional skating. The institution was a hit and established Robert Stanley Dyrdek as an entrepreneur. The skating board company went on to become the most prestigious institutes of the country and later on in the entire world.

But his hunger for growth didn’t end here. He partnered with the DC Shoes and launched toy skateboarding crew. Robert Stanley Dyrdek also partnered with a perfume brand, namely TAG body spray to make a scent called “Make Moves.”  These helped him to boost his net worth phenomenally.

Work Highlight

Rob Dyrdek has made a series of partnerships and has succeeded in almost all of them. Whether it is toying with DC Shoes, perfume with TAG Body sprays or cars with Chevrolet, he has done it all.

The star made his debut into the entertainment world with MTV’s “Rob & Big” in the year of 2006. The show lasted for two years and came to an end in 2008. In the next year, Robert Stanley Dyrdek appeared in another show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” with his cousin, Pfall.

The show ran till the year 2014 and was a huge hit among his fans. The phenomenal success that the star enjoys is unfathomable, and the net worth and ultra luxurious lifestyle is evidence of that.

Along with the TV shows, Rob Dyrdek made a series of appearances on the bigger screen too. With movies like “Street Dreams” and others, he played minor roles in the industry.

Image of Rob Dyrdek Net Worth
Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Apart from the money and fame, Robert Stanley Dyrdek truly loves his skateboarding career. In 2003, Robert Stanley Dyrdek started a philanthropic foundation, named, “The Rob Dyrdek Foundation.”

The foundation aims to build skate parks for budding professionals across the country. The country lacks skateboarding facilities and hence kids practice on roads which are both illegal and unsafe. Robert Stanley Dyrdek is on a mission to clear this thing and is creating a proper ecosystem for skateboarding.

Quick info Table

Name Robert Stanley Dyrdek
Net Worth $20 million
Profession TV Host, actress, author
Spouse Bryiana Noelle Flores
Age 47 years
Birthdate 28th June 1974

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