Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina Net Worth [2021]

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If you are a lover of treasure hunting fantasy, then you know Rick and Marty Lagina. These two have been the face of one of the most prominent TV series in the world. The Curse of Oak Island is a popular reality series that premiered on the History network a TV station based in Canada.

Both Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina had the same interest to hunt for treasure since their childhood. They search for the possible treasure in Oak Island, which is located off Nova Scotia in Canada.

What Does Rick and Marty Lagina do for a living? Their career info

Rick began his career dream when he was only 11 years old. He read an article on Readers digest about the treasure in Oak Island and became fascinated by it.

Later on, their Father showed them an article in the wall street journal about the Treasure Island. Both boys remained interested in the island, and most of all were Rick. They grew up to gain more knowledge about it and even began to tour the place.

Apart from the Island career info, which I will head to that later on, Rick and Marty had their different career path. Rick is a retired postal worker. Other details of where he went to school are not known. He currently researches the Island and also features in the curse of Oak Island

Marty has an exemplary career record. He has two-degree records. The first one was a bachelor of science in 1977. He studied at Michigan tech. Marty then attended law school at the University of Michigan where he acquired his degree in 1982.

He also worked for engineering companies. Later on, he formed his own engineering company, Terra Energy, Ltd. The company based itself on oil and related products. Apparently, he sold the company to SCMS Energy in 1995 for a whopping $60 million. Marty has gone milestones to become a prominent business person with various ventures.

Image of Rick Lagina And Marty Lagina Net Worth
Rick Lagina And Marty Lagina Net Worth

In 2012, the Lagina brothers began preparing for “the curse of Oak Island”. At first, it was difficult for them to acquire permits from the authorities in Canada. It took them a long period. After getting the permits, they began the reality show which and started a dream to find the lost treasure of Oak Island.

Currently, Marty and Rick own a company that helps people tour around the place.  The tour includes a small museum where mysterious artefacts are found. They also do not allow people to take pictures in the Museum.

There are also speculations that the island does not contain any treasure. Many companies have invested millions of dollars in digging up the place with aims to find treasure. Six people have died in the pursuit of treasure.

Archaeology has not been properly documented as they say. This leads to misleading in information about the Island in general. People still love to have an adventure of the place and get a chance to enjoy the milieu.

Rick and Marty Lagina Net worth

Rick Lagina: $2 Million.

Rick Lagina makes a fortune from his current career. Without a doubt, his net worth is not under the six-figure digit. People have always been curious about Rick’s earnings as compared to Marty’s.

First, Rick Lagina is the producer of “The Curse of Oak Island”. From this, he gains a good amount of earnings. Secondly, Marty and Rick run some business ventures on the Island. The island has become like a business venture.

Image of Rick Lagina Net Worth
Rick Lagina Net Worth

When it comes to Rick’s house, he lives in the United States. His house is a true definition of wealth. It cost him a million dollars. In terms of cars, details are not known. Rick Lagina has not yet revealed his relationship status to the public. Generally speaking, Rick has a net worth of $2 million.

Full Name Rick Lagina
Profession TV Personality
Nationality American
Relationship status Unknown
Net worth $ 2 million
Siblings 1
Birthplace Michigan, United States
Children None

Marty Lagina: $50 Million.

Marty Lagina has definitely mad a good amount of money. Selling his company for $60 million earned him a good foundation. He has established a wine business which earns him a good amount of money.

Having good engineering skills has also helped him work for several companies as a consultant. Recently, he joined his brother in the successful TV series, which also gained him some good income.

Image of Marty Lagina Net Worth
Marty Lagina Net Worth

Marty has been in a marriage with Olivia for over two decades. They have one son, Alex Lagina.  Both Marty and Olivia lie in the same profession as engineers. Other assets that he may have like cars and house have been kept from the public eye. Marty Lagina has a net worth of $50 million.

Marty Lagina at a glance

Full name Marty Lagina
Education Engineering and law
Profession Engineering TV personality
Nationality American
Net worth $50 million
Siblings 1
Children 1(Alex Lagina)
Marriage Married to Olivia Lagina

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