PnB Rock Net Worth.

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PnB Rock whose real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen is a popular American rapper, singer, and songwriter who was born and raised in Philadelphia. He is popular for his popular single releases called ‘Fleek’ in 2015 and ‘Selfish’ in 2016.  The singles have hit top positions in the US Billboard Hot 100.  He is also popular for his popular album called ‘Trapstar Turnt Popstar’ released in 2019. Read this to know PnB Rock net worth in 2019.

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Who is PnB Rock? His career info

PnB Rock’s real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen. He is born on December 9th, 1991, in Germantown, Philadelphia. Rakim Hasheem Allen was raised by a single mother as his father died when he was only 3 years old.

He listened to popular rappers such as 2Pac and R&B group called Jodeci influencing his music career. PnB Rock got involved in a bad company that pushed him to robberies, landing him in youth detention at just the age of 13.

He was again sentenced to prison for being in possession of drugs. Rakim is now left with the option of concentrating on music during his incarceration. He later changed his name to PnB Rock which he adopted from the acronym Pastorius and Baynton, which is the name of a corner of a street in Germantown where he grew up.

PnB Rock Net Worth
PnB Rock Net Worth

PnB Rock’s career started his career in 2014 with his first track ‘Weekend Baby’. He continued to release two other mixtapes but this was cut short by his incarceration back to prison for not adhering to probation rules.

The return to prison was a blessing in disguise as his fans started a #FreePnBRock on social media platforms which made him very popular even after his release.

Work Highlight.

PnB Rock released a mixtape called ‘Rеаl N*ggа Ваngаz’ which made him very popular. PnB then gets signed by Аtlаntіс Rесоrdѕ who helped him release ‘RnВ 3’ in 2016 followed by a single called ‘Ѕеlfіѕh’ that was very popular hitting high on the US music charts.

He releases his second music mixtape in 2017 called GТТМ: Gоіn Тhru thе mоtіоnѕ’ with the help of Atlantic Records and Empire Distribution. Atlantic Records also helped him work on collaborations with popular artists such as Wіz Кhаlіfа аnd 2 Сhаіnz. Later in 2019, he released his double studio album called ‘Trapstar Turnt Popstar’.

PnB Rock Net Worth 2019: $1 Million.

How rich is PnB Rock? He has had a short rapping and songwriting career making him get noticed by Atlantic Records who signed him a deal. This is one deal that earned him a lot of money.

PnB got the guidance and help he needed to release his first project called ‘RnВ 3’. This was followed by his first single that is a great hit earning him a hefty income.

This hit single called ‘Ѕеlfіѕh’ sold millions of copies which earned PnB Rock a lot of money. This also encouraged Atlantic Records to keep pushing for more of his single releases.  PnB earns royalties from his many tour performances across the USA.

So, how much wealth would you say Rakim Hasheem Allen aka PnB Rock has? Credible sources have estimated PnB Rock net worth is $1 million. Much of this wealth comes from his music sales and performances. He has also collaborated with other popular music artists releasing very popular hits earning him a share of hefty proceeds.

House & Cars details.

PnB Rock knows too well how to acquire luxurious assets such as cars. He owns a collection of cars such as white BMW, a red Ferrari 458 italia, a black Bentley, a red Rolls Royce Dawn, and a Lamborghini. It is not very clear where he lives and whether he owns a home.

Name Rakim Hasheem Allen aka PnB Rock.
Net worth $1 million.
Profession Rapper, singer, and songwriter.
Girlfriend None at the moment.
Age 27 years.

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