Patrick Mahomes Parents: Mother Randi Martin and father Pat Mahomes Biography.

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Patrick Mahomes is a 24-year-old American football player. Presently, he is affiliated with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he plays Quarterback. Patrick’s parents are the focus of our article today. His father, Pat Mahomes, is an MLB legend who used to apply his trade at the Texas Tech before venturing on to the big leagues. Patrick’s mother, on the other hand, is a woman named Randi Martin. Her rise to fame coincided with her son’s ascension to the NFL. Know more about Patrick Mahomes’ parents as we explore their lives in full detail.

Who is Patrick Mahomes Father Pat Mahomes?

Pat is the father of Kansas City Chief Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. He came into this world back in 1970, on the 9th of August. This would mean that he turned 49 years old this year. Much like his son, Pat is also a former athlete. However, he applied his trade in Major League Baseball. Looking back at his playing career, he started pitching back in high school, more specifically at Lindale High.

Later on, Pat went on to play for Arkansas University before being drafted to Minnesota by the Twins in 1998. Pat would go on to have an impressive decade long stint in Major League Baseball across various teams.  These include The New York Mets, the Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and the Texas Rangers.

Image of Patrick Mahomes father Pat Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes father, Pat Mahomes

While Patrick Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes, did not go on to have an illustrious career in baseball, he is still recognized as being a legend of the game. He played his last game roughly sixteen years ago before finally hanging up his gloves in MLB.

However, he would go on to play at a non-league game a few years later for the American Association. Now he can be spotted at his son’s football games, cheering him on enthusiastically alongside his ex-wife.

Pat Mahomes Wiki-bio.

Full name Pat Mahomes.
Age 49 years old.
Date of Birth August 9th, 1970.
Place of Birth Bryan, Texas, USA.
Profession Former major league baseball player
Net worth Under review.
Wife Randi Martin (ex)
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Under review
Parents Under review.


Patrick Mahomes’ Mother is Randi Martin.

Randi Martin is the ex-wife of a former major league baseball player, Pat Mahomes, and the mother of NFL football player Patrick Mahomes. While there isn’t a lot of information regarding Randi Martin’s biography, we did learn that she is an American citizen by birth.

She is a beautiful blonde woman who looks to be somewhere in her mid-40s, judging by her current pictures. There are also a lot of varied reports based on what Randi Martin does for a living. Some sources say that she is a teacher at Rice University. Others say that she is a stay at home.  We are more inclined to believe the latter as she was always very active in her children’s lives.

Image of Patrick Mahomes with his mother Randi Martin
Patrick Mahomes with his mother, Randi Martin

Patrick Mahomes has credited his mother for being a constant source of encouragement right from the get-go. She saw the potential that Patrick had and pushed him to pursue a career in sports. As a child, Patrick displayed proficiency in baseball, just like his old man. But he would inevitably go with the football. According to Randi, this was because he enjoyed the feel of the crowd in large stadiums.

Randi Martin and Pat Mahomes” Net worth.

Pat Mahomes is a former major league baseball star. His wife’s occupation, on the other hand, remains a contentious subject. The one thing that they do have in common is the fact that their personal details current remain a mystery as they are still under review. Being a former major league baseball player, however, we can estimate that he raked in millions.

Their son, on the other hand, is an NFL Player. When the chief first brought him on, he signed a contract that earned him a $ 16 million bonus. Patrick Mahomes” current net worth stands at $ 11 million at the moment.

Randi Martin and Pat Mahomes” Relationship.

As we have previously alluded to, Patrick Mahomes is the son of Randi and Pat Mahomes. While it remains unclear when the two exactly met, we did learn that they would go on to get married before later splitting up when Patrick was only 11. This was back in 2006. So it is most likely that the two tied the knot sometime in the 90s.

Patrick is not the only child that the two would have together. He has two other siblings. These are Jackson and Mia Mahomes. While the exact reason for their split remains a mystery, we did learn that the two bore no ill will towards each other.

Instead, they continued to be excellent co-parents together and worked hand in hand to raise their three children. Both of them encouraged Patrick to take sports seriously. They encouraged him to work hard, and this had a major impact on his life. Presently, they are proud parents of an NFL legend in the making. Both Randi and Pat go to his football games on most weekends. In fact, he reserved a place for them in a private suite at his team’s home stadium, Arrowhead.

Randi Martin wiki-bio.

Full name Randi Martin.
Age The mid-40s.
Date of Birth The 1970s.
Place of Birth Texas, USA.
Profession Stay at home, mom.
Net worth Under review.
Husband Pat Mahomes (ex)
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Under review
Parents Under review.

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