Parris Bell Wiki, Age, Biography: Everything about Travis Stork New Wife.

Originally posted on September 10, 2019 @ 5:05 pm

Travis Stork is a reality star famous for his breakout role on season 8 of The Bachelor. The show portrayed his role as a serial heartbreaker in his quest of finding young love. Though he eventually gave out his final rose to a woman named Sarah Stone, the relationship barely lasted a month. However, that was only the beginning of his quest for love. Instead, the beginning of the ending is merely upon us as he started a new life with his newly wedded wife, Parris Bell. Here are five surprising facts about Travis Stork’s new wife you need to know.

  1. Parris Bell is Travis Stork Second Wife.

The former Bachelor recited his vows on August 3rd, 2019 in Nashville, Texas amidst close friends and family. While everyone expressed their joy including Parris Bell, his newly wedded wife, this was Travis Stork’s second time at the altar.

He married his first wife, Dr. Charlotte Brown on June 30th, 2012 in Edwards, Colorado. The pair met back in 2009 and dated for three years before tying the knot. However, even their shared love for modern medicine couldn’t keep them together.

Image of Travis Stork with his first wife Dr. Charlotte Brown
Travis Stork with his first wife Dr. Charlotte Brown

Though Dr. Brown worked as a pediatrician, their marriage ended up in a divorce in 2015. Regardless, they had some special moments together, including the same Hawaii honeymoon trip he went with Parris Bell, his second wife.

  1. Parris Bell and Travis Stork meetings were planned.

One of their mutual friends, Dr. Chris ‘Cupcake’ Strandburg played matchmaker in 2016. He introduced them to each other and sat back as he watched the magic happen. The group hangouts turned into intimate dates that he wasn’t a part of.

Image of Travis Stork with his second wife Parris Bell
Travis Stork with his second wife Parris Bell

Moreover, even when he came, Dr. Chris felt left out and often third wheeled. Within no time, the couple became official and so began their love journey. Stork’s first marriage mostly failed because of their tight work schedules. However, with Parris, things seemed to fall into place even though she lived in the next town.

  1. Parris Bell works as an American Attorney.

Travis Stork sure knows how to pick them. Sarah Stone, his overall pick during his time on The Bachelor, currently works as a real estate agent in Nashville. His next rumored fling was the famed country musician, Carrie Underwood. You’ve already met Dr. Charlotte Brown, the pediatrician and now here comes Parris Bell, an attorney.

Bell’s work is currently off the radar since she’s relatively new to the limelight. As Travis Stork’s girlfriend and fiancée, she barely got any attention. However, as his wife, she’s already been on The Doctors alongside her new husband. We can only speculate that her practice in law got a significant boost from her celebrity marriage.

  1. Parris Bell loves animals. She’s a dog person.

In a recent interview on The Doctors, the couple gave us more on their marriage and time together. Travis Stork only realized that she was the one for him when he found out that Bell was obsessed with his dog, Nala.

During his shifts, she would step in and gladly take good care of his dog for him. As a result, he fell for her harder, thus forming a more excellent bond between the two.

  1. Parris Bell Age.

Though the history books don’t mention it, some sources revealed that Parris Bell was born in 1992. However, they don’t pinpoint her exact date of birth. From that, we deduced Parris Bell’s age as a young, vibrant 28-year-old American

The couple doesn’t have kids of their own for now. However, in an interview on The Doctors, Travis Stork’s wife revealed that they were looking forward to starting a family together. Best of luck to the newlyweds.

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