Maxim Dadashev Net Worth, Wife Elizabeth Apushkina.

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Read this to know Maxim Dadashev net worth. The young and super talented boxer, Maxim Dadashev died yesterday. Yes! He was suffering from brain injury past 5 days and also went in a coma. We lost one more life at a very young age. He died at the age of 28. Let’s have a look at his life and know some important facts about him.

Maxim Dadashev Net Worth 2019:

Maxim was born on 9th of Sept 1990 in Saint Petersberg, Russia. No doubt he was born in the world of Boxing. His father was a wrestler and brother was in boxing which made him interested in learning all about boxing. He started boxing at the age of 10 and slowly turned into a junior welterweight boxer.

He won a silver medal at the world junior championships in 2008. He bagged the silver medal in Russian amateur championships in 2013 and also bronze medals for the same tournament in 2010 and 2012. Even he was ranked on no. 10 on ESPN top prospectus list in 2017. He started getting renowned by all when he bagged back to back victories in the boxing match last year.

While fighting the junior welterweight bout with Subriel Matias of Puerto Rico, he was almost unconscious. He resisted the trainer’s command for not entering the ring for the 12th round. This is because he was all bleeding and the trainer had the gut feeling that a single punch might take maxim’s life.

While leaving the ring, he collapsed. Even he was not in a state to stand up. So, the stretcher was called and while the stretcher arrived, he was vomiting subconsciously.

In the hospital, the doctors proclaimed that his brain is brutally injured and is in bleeding state. His surgery procedure went for 2 hours after which the doctor confirmed that he went in a coma. Just 5 days after being in such worst condition, Maxim bid the last goodbye to the world.

Maxim Dadashev Net Worth

Maxim Dadashev net worth was around $750,000 and his primary source of income used to derive from boxing only.

Maxim Dadashev Wife

He was married to Elizabeth Apushkina and the duo has a kid named, Daniel. Their son was born on 5th of Oct 2016. After Maxim’s death, she posted a photo of their family on his Instagram account with the caption,

-“My love! You are forever in my heart, the soul is torn from the pain without you! It is the hardest time in our family”.

Name Maxim Dadashev
Birth Date 9th Sept 1990
Age 28’years
Occupation Welterweight Boxer
Spouse Elizabeth Apushkina

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