Marty Mereitto Plane Crash. Why did he leave Mountain Men?

Originally posted on July 21, 2019 @ 8:04 am

Marty Meierotto of History Channel’s Mountain Men will tell you that trapping in subzero temperatures is challenging. But that’s not all. What’s harder is doing it while getting his best side or that perfect angle shot for the rolling cameras. After doing it for several years, it’s bound to get tiring. Just ask Tom Oar, one of the original cast members who gave it all up for a life of retirement in Florida. Recent reports also flooded online that Marty Meierotto is leaving the series. Here’s everything you need to know on it including his plane crash.

What Happened to Marty Meierotto on Mountain Men? Know about his Plane Crash.

The subzero temperatures already threaten life in the Alaskan wilderness, then came the story about Marty’s plane crash. If you follow the series closely, then you know that the reality star owns a yellow Piper PA-18A-150 Super Club airplane. It’s unique with its customized large tundra tires.

On one of his routine trips to his Cabin on the Draanjik river banks, the TV star’s plane took a nose dive hauling him to the ground. However, Meierotto’s quick maneuvering brought the aircraft to an emergency landing somewhere in the wilderness.

Marty Meierotto Plane Chrash

As a result, he had to spend the night in the cold without food but luckily survived the ordeal. You can check out the story on the special episode, Closest Calls. So, Marty Mereitto Plance Crash was just a rumor but boy it was close.

Why did Marty Mereitto leave Mountain Men?

Like every good book, Marty’s final chapter wrapped in this season of Mountain Men. The Long Haul; the sixth episode of season 8 of the survival show dropped the bomb on the Mountain Man’s retirement.

As a result, most fans of the show didn’t take it kindly. The TV star was one of the original cast members since the show premiered in 2012. Seeing him go would be heartbreaking for everyone, including himself. So, Why did Marty Mereitto Leave the show?

The Mountain Men star revealed that he wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to spend more time with his daughter, Noah. Moreover, the thought of cameras following him around during his trapping sessions became sickening for him. As a result, you won’t see him again in season 9. So, the answer is, Yes, Marty Mereitto Leave Mountain Men.

What is Marty Mereitto doing now?

If you’re not familiar with the filming of the series, the current season was shot late last year. That means that he already wrapped up with the show in 2018 and only waited to pass the information officially. So what has he been up to you ask?

Marty Meierotto Wife Dominique and Daughter Noah

To answer this question, you have to know a little bit of Marty’s history. He grew up with his two brothers Steve and Jeff who learned the skill of trapping from their father, Thomas T. Since the TV star has a daughter named Noah, he chose to pass down the craft to her. More specifically, Marty now traps fur with his daughter away from the cameras.

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