MacKenzie Bezos Net Worth 2021.

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MacKenzie Bezos was born in San Francisco, on 7th April 1970, her mother was a homemaker, and her father a financial planner. MacKenzie S. Tuttle graduated from a school in Connecticut; Hotchkiss, and she then proceeded to Princeton University where she earned an English degree in 1992 with the highest honors. Read this to know MacKenzie Bezos’s net worth.

She started working at D.E Shaw in 1992. Office located in New York and a hedge fund company. She got married to Jeff Bezos in 1993, and they lived in Seattle from 1994.

She became an accountant for Jeff’s new company, and she was one of Amazon’s earliest employees. She, later on, stepped back to focus on her writing; this was when she knew the brand began making success.

Blessed with four children; three boys and an adopted daughter from China; from 2014, MacKenzie Bezos has been an executive director of a company against bullying; Bystander Revolution.

The power couple announced on a social media platform that they were getting a divorce on 9th January 2019, and the divorce finalized on 4th April 2019. MacKenzie was awarded Amazon stock worth $35.6 billion from the divorce settlement and increased Mackenzie Bezos’s net worth.

Who is Mackenzie Bezos?

A known philanthropist and American novelist, Toni Morrison’s protégé and was the once wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. They were married for 26 years after their divorce in 2019; she has been serving as an executive director for an organization against bullying called Bystander Revolution which she launched in 2014.

It aims to “create a source of direct, peer to peer advice about practical things individuals can do to help defuse bullying.” Since its launch, Bystander Revolution has worked with ambassadors like Monica Lewinsky, Demi Lavato, Slama Hayek and Michael J. Fox.

Mackenzie Bezos’s net worth increased from the divorce settlement that she parted away with $35 billion that 4% of Amazon shared and made her the richest woman in the world at number three.


Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife started her writing career at a tender age; as an author, she was awarded for her two published books, “The Testing of Luther Albright” in 2005 and “Traps” in 2013.

Studied under Pulitzer-winning author Toni Morrison; the Nobel Prize-winning novelist hired her to help in doing research; this was for her novel Jazz (1992) and when still studying at Princeton.  She said, “One of the best students I’ve ever had in my creative writing classes”.

MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos have a charity project called The Day One Fund; it aims to help homeless families and creates non-profit preschools in low-income communities.

Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth in 2021.

It made her the richest woman in the world at number three, the 22nd wealthiest person in the world and the top overall.

MacKenzie S. Tuttle has a net worth of $36.6 billion; this is from her divorce settlement from Jeff Bezos; the richest man in the world.

Her earnings are from her work as an American Philanthropist and being an Executive Director of Bystander Revolution. MacKenzie Bezos has promised to give to The Giving Pledge half of her fortune that is a whopping $18 billion!

House and Cars.

MacKenzie and her ex-husband have assets and properties; this is from land, house to cars. After her divorce to the richest man in the world, it is sure that she will get an excellent package.

Quick Information.

Name: MacKenzie S. Tuttle

Net worth: $36.6 Billion

Profession: American novelist and philanthropist

Spouse: Divorced

Age: 51

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