Lil Yachty Net Worth: How Much is Rapper Lil Yachty Worth in 2021?

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Starting his career from a McDonald’s outlet, Lil Yachty has come a far way and is currently basking his success.  Miles Parks McCollum, or as known as Lil Yachty, was born on the 23rd of August 1997, in a small town of Georgia.

Lil Yachty always has been involved in an artistic background. His father is a professional photographer and his younger sister, Kodie Shane, also shares a passion for singing. Know Lil Yachty Net Worth.

On a personal note, Lil Yachty has been through a patchy life in school. He was teased and bullied by other kids. He started working at a very young age. In the meantime, he had plans to move out of Alaska too.

Lil Yachty Net Worth 2021

According to estimates, Lil Yachty’s net worth is around $8 million. Most of his wealth comes from his hit albums while a part of it comes in his involvement in sponsorship.

House and Car details.

Not much is known about the cars and houses of the star. Lil Yachty is often seen in a blue Ferrari revealing his love for expensive cars. The net worth of the star is something to be wowed upon. He manages his wealth properly and is known for not spending much lavishly.

Who is Lil Yachty? His career information

 According to some reliable sources, Lil Yachty is one of the successful rappers of our time who has shot to fame with his first album itself. Regarding his educational background, Lil Yachty had joined the Alabama State University, where he dropped out just after two months into the course. His love for music was strong, and he decided to make a career in music.

As far as the reports are concerned, in 2015, he adopted the name “Yachty” and moved out from Atlanta to New York. He had few struggling days in the beginning. He stayed with one of his friends and was looking for ways to enter into the music industry.

He started networking with street artists and began creating a substantial fan following. Even the star had not imagined such success. His net worth at such an age is something to be awe upon.

Work Highlights

Lil Yachty then teamed up with Burberry who acted as a producer and beat maker. Later on, K$upreme joined the team, and together they called themselves “The Sailing Team.” They worked from Lil Yactchy’s bedroom studio.

In August of 2015, the trio launched their album EP Summer Songs, out of which, two of his songs rose to fame, namely, “Minnesota” and “One Night.”

The trio was suddenly in the limelight when the famous radio OVO broadcasted their song Minnesota. Since then he has never looked back. Some of the hit works of the star include mixtapes like Lil Boat (2016) and Summer songs (2016). According to the reports, his hit studio albums include Teenage emotions (2017), Lil Boat 2 (2018) and Nuthin’ 2 Prove (2018).

Apart from that, Lil Yachty has had many endorsements to his pocket too. Some of his famous commercials include an appearance in a Sprite commercial with LeBron James and is the leading face of brands like Nautica and Urban Outfitters.  In 2018, he worked with Donny Osmond on the theme song of Chef Boyardee.

The net worth of the star has been, and there is no looking back to it since his beginning.

Image of Lil Yachty Net Worth
Lil Yachty Net Worth

Quick info – Table 

Name Lil Yachty  (Stage Name)
Net Worth $8 million
Profession Rapper
Spouse None
Age 24
Birthdate August 23, 1997

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