Life below Zero Cast Salary, Net Worth (2021)

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When it comes to entertainment, many would argue that reality TV shows are at the peak of their success being able to gather a lot of public attention through their creative new programs based on the dramatized reality of extraordinary people and their lifestyle.

Life Below Zero‘ without a doubt stands as one of the top reality-based TV shows about Alaskan residents and day-to-day life in the harsh conditions of the Alaskan climate and wilderness. The show is exciting and a hit among an audience of all ages but what about the cast of the show.

If you are interested in their background including their net worth and salary per episode, you have come to the right place. Read all about them below and much more. Check Out Life Below Zero Cast Salary.

Life below Zero Cast Sue Aikens Net Worth and Salary

The main star of the show ‘Life Below Zero,’ Sue Aikens is easily recognized by all of the show’s fans. Sue Aikens has been a resident of Alaska for more than 30 years. She has an estimated net worth value of over 500,000 dollars. Her incredible net worth is a result of her multiple independent ventures as well as the revenue from the show.

One of her many income sources is her role as the caretaker of Kivek River Camp, a home for hunters located 197 miles away from the Arctic circle and only a few miles away from the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Sue guides the hunters through different hunting and fishing trips during the hunting season and charges 350 dollars a night and 4500 dollars a person for a week.

Sue Aikens Net Worth $500,000
Sue Aikens Net Worth $500,000

It is reported that each cast member earns 4500 dollars but the exact salary received per episode is unknown. Sue Aikens has a total monthly salary of around 16000 dollars and a yearly salary of 200,000 dollars which results in her massive net worth.

Life below Zero Cast Erik Salitan Net Worth and Salary

While talking about Life Below Zero Cast Salary, we can’t ignore Erik Salitan.

Erik Salitan is a 32-year-old man living just 65 miles north from the Arctic circle along with his wife and fellow ‘Life Below Zero’ cast member Martha Salitan. Erik Salitan has an estimated net worth of around 400,000 dollars. Erik Salitan had arrived in Alaska when he was just 18 years old looking for a good life fell in love with the place and settled here.

Erik Salitan Net Worth is $400,000
Erik Salitan Net Worth is $400,000

He likes to live a primitive life having lived in a tent with no floor for about 2 years. Today as well he hunts his own meat and uses the rest of an animal to build clothing and tools. He is a skilled hunter and believes Alaska will be his resting place. His exact salary per episode or monthly salary is unknown. Lately, there have been a lot of discussion about if Erik has left the show after his sudden absence from the recent episodes.

Life below Zero Cast Salary (Martha Mae Salitan)

While talking about Life Below Zero Cast Net Worth, We can’t forget about Martha Mae Salitan.

Martha Mae Salitan is the wife of Erik Salitan and also a cast member of ‘Life Below Zero.’ She is as famous as her husband, and they even have a son together named Lucas Salitan.

Since Martha likes to hold back from her husband’s adventures and not very popular among the fans which may be the reason that we do not know her exact net worth and her salary per episode.

Martha Mae Salitan Net Worth
Martha Mae Salitan Net Worth

However, as she is considered a cast member, she must receive a guaranteed salary and have a satisfactory net worth which is still under calculation.

Life below Zero Cast Salary (Andy Bassich)

We can’t ignore to tell you about Andy Bassich while talking about Life Below Zero Cast Salary.

Life below Zero Cast Andy Bassich is another popular character from ‘Life Below Zero’ granted mostly for infamous reasons. Life Below zero Andy Bassich has an estimated net worth of more than 250,000 dollars. The salary that Bassich receives per episode has not been disclosed yet, but his that salary and own personal gains go into making his massive net worth.

Above all else, Andy Bassich is known for running a survival school and a dog mushing school called Alaska Yukon Adventure. He runs the school in his place of residence around the Yukon River area.

Andy Bassich Net Worth is $250,000
Andy Bassich Net Worth is $250,000

His school collects a charge of 2500 dollars a week for singles and 2000 dollars a week for couples. Andy Bassich owns a dozen dogs and likes to hunt and grow his own food. He has moved to Alaska with his former wife from Washington D.C. and made a life here for himself.

A lot of audiences were infuriated with Andy after his aggressive demeanor towards the former wife, Kate when they were together on the show. After a lot of complaints, Andy has appeared on less and fewer episodes of the show and may not return to the show.

Life below Zero Cast Net Worth (Kate Bassich)

To fully understand Life Below Zero cast salary, let us tell you about Kate Bassich.

Kate Bassich was the wife of Andy Bassich. She shares children with Andy the details o whom the two have kept a secret from the show. Kate Rorke Bassich was married to Andy for ten years until 2016 until she decided to call it quits. We are not surprised judging from their abusive relationship where Andy was seen as aggressive and verbally abusive to her even in camera.

Kate Bassich Net Worth
Kate Bassich Net Worth

The net worth and salary per episode of Kate are yet to be evaluated. Since she has exited from the show and currently aiming at being a public speaker, we can’t say we will get to know her net worth and salary anytime soon.

Life below Zero Cast James Franzo Net Worth and Salary

Not many people may recognize the name of James Franzo as the cast of ‘Life Below Zero.’ He is the narrator of the show and hence deserves credit and appreciation for the series.

James Franzo Net Worth
James Franzo Net Worth

His net worth and salary per episode are currently unknown and still require to be calculated.

Life below Zero Cast Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth and Salary

Glenn Villeneuve is another fan favorite who is a survivalist that arrived in Alaska in 2000 from Vermont, New England. He is a survivalist who currently lives in Chandalar. The ‘Life Below Zero’ star set out to wild to be financially free and has had no professional education of any kind in life.

Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth is $500,000
Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth is $500,000

He wasn’t initially warm to the idea of doing the show ‘Lie below Zero’ as he already had and let a million dollar lifestyle. He decided to do it as he was getting back to civilization and also or his two sons who live in Fairbanks.

Life Below Zero Cast Glenn Villeneuve has an estimated net worth of 500,000 dollars thanks to his total salary of 200,000 a year. His exact salary per episode is not known and yet to be calculated.

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