Les Miles Wife Kathy Miles Biography.

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Born on the 10th of Nov 1953, Leslie Edwin Miles or in short Les Miles is an American football coach. He has also been the head football coach at the University of Kansas. He belongs to Elyria, Ohio, United States. And his estimated net worth is around $12 million. This review is about Les Miles’ wife.

Who is Les Miles Wife Kathy Miles?

Kathy Miles is the wife of a football coach, Les Miles. She completed her high schooling in Flint, Mich, and college from Central Michigan. Before marriage, she used to be Kathy LaBarge. The information about her personal life is yet to be revealed.

Image of Kathy Miles wife of football coach, Les Miles
Kathy Miles wife of a football coach, Les Miles

Kathy’s Married life as Les Miles’ wife.

Les and Kathy married in 1993. She met Les at the University of Michigan, where she was an assistant of the women’s basketball team while he was an assistant coach of the football team.

Les and Kathy Miles dated for five long years before getting married. Before playing the role of an assistant basketball player, she used to be the best basketball player at Central Michigan.

Her favorite instance was recruiting more than the love for her coaching in the court and interacting with the players.

And also, she worked for basketball camps. She always wanted to be the head coach of the basketball team but backed out because of her husband’s aspiration for the same.

Image of Les Miles with his wife Kathy Miles and with their kids Benjamin Miles and Leslie Matthew Miles (son) and Mary Grace Miles and Kathryn Miles (daughter)
Les Miles with his wife, Kathy Miles and with their kids Benjamin Miles and Leslie Matthew Miles (son) and Mary Grace Miles and Kathryn Miles (daughter)

Her Children

The couple has four children. Their sons’ names are Benjamin Miles and Leslie Matthew Miles. And their daughters’ names are Mary Grace Miles and Kathryn Miles.

Charity Worker

Besides this, Kathy and her husband both are charity workers. Every year they raise money to buy hosting functions in Baton Rouge for the Children’s Miracle Network.

They also lend their helping hands in some organizations like Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, The Special Olympics, and the Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center.

Kathy Miles is a great homemaker.

Kathy manages everything in her family, be it her children or some household stuff. In one of her interviews with ESPN, she said –

”I wish if Les was around with me, but then its adamant for him to balance both his professional front and parenting.”

Many of her fans asked -Do you miss the basketball playing? To this, she replied –

yeah! I do, but I always get the chance to recruit the best players for LSU every year. And that’s what I love, the most.

Both Les Miles and wife Kathy Miles do not want their children to follow their dad’s path as they want them to get in their way and be independent.

And Even their children have to say the same. They love their father’s football-involved life, but then they also comment – it’s just the dad’s things.

Although Les Miles’s wife Kathy Miles wanted her youngest daughter to be a basketball player and also lured the kid that if she chooses the basketball, she will be Kathy’s favorite. But it seems her daughter is more interested in swimming.

When Kathy was asked to reveal one thing about Les that no one knows, she replied

-” he is a very apt and precise man, when he is focused at something, he never leaves the stone unturned. If you work with him, you will get to know him better”.

Name Kathy Miles
Home Town Flint, Mich
Spouse Leslie Edwin Miles (Les Miles)
Children Benjamin Miles, Leslie Matthew Miles, Mary Grace Miles, Kathryn Miles
Profession Housewife, Ex-Basketball Coach

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