K. Michelle Net worth 2021. How Rich is K. Michelle?

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K. Michelle is a popular American singer, songwriter and television personality. After her 3 songs were released, she was added in VH1! Later, she also released her long-awaited debut album,’ Rebellious Foul’. K. Michelle achieved new heights of fame, and it ranked number 2. K. Check Out K. Michelle’s Net Worth in 2021.

Net Worth: $10 Million.

K. Michelle signed a deal with’ Atlanta Records’ and then released her debut album titled ‘ Rebellious Soul,’ which peaked at number 1 position in the US Billboard 200. After her continuous releases, she starred in her show on VH1 network titled ‘K. Michelle: My Life’ which was based on her life, her music career, and her family life.

These all followed her other releases in 2014. Later in 2016, K. Michelle released a song ‘Not a Little Bit’ which was from her third album titled ‘More Issues than Vogue.’ The album was released in March 2016.

Michelle needed to promote her music and her other business ventures, so she decided to return to ‘Love Hip Hop: Atlanta’ ‘Rebellious Soul’ and ‘anybody wanna buy a Heart’ have sold each 500k copies.

Throughout her career, K. Michelle has worked as an actress in one film and other several television programs, and reality shows in which she played a major role. Some of them were released. In 2016, ‘Stevie J& Joseline: Go Hollywood’ was released. In 2018 till present, ‘Love and Hip- Hop: Hollywood’ was released.

K. Michelle’s net worth kept on increasing due to her regular releases of songs and movies. At present, her net worth is $ 10 million. She has a website too, by the name of thekmichelle.com

Image of Kimberly Michelle Pate Net Worth
Kimberly Michelle Pate Net Worth

The talented K. Michelle has released many albums in her name. Following are the albums along with their respective prices:

  1. More Issues than Vogue ($ 12.99)
  2. Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart ($ 7.99)
  3. Rebellious Soul ($ 9.99)

K. Michelle’s album has sold over half a million in copies, and thus she has earned approximately $1 million from that. No wonder K. Michelle’s net worth is so huge. Along with these albums at hand, she does show and performs in tours in different places. Michelle must be charging for that too, which does add in her riches.

Who is K. Michelle? Her career highlights.

K. Michelle’s real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate. She was born in Tennessee, United States. Since childhood, she was interested in music, therefore, took voice lessons from Bob Westbrook, who is the vocal teacher of Britney Spears and other celebrities.

K. Michelle also learned how to play the guitar and took piano lessons. Michelle also earned a music scholarship to Florida A&M University. In 2004, K. Michelle gave birth to her son, but came back to pursue her goals and was keen on completing her education.

Even after entering law school, she returned to music. K. Michelle’s passion for music made her pursue a career in this field. K. Michelle is an American singer but is also a songwriter and television sensation. In 2009, Michelle signed a contract with Jive Records and released her first single ‘Fakin It.’

It peaked to the top 100 positions in the US Hip Hop songs. After this successful release, she went on to release three singles titles – ‘Fallin’, ‘I Just Can’t Do This’ and ‘How many Times.’ After the Jive Records contract, Michelle starred in the VH1 reality television show titled ‘Love& Hip Hop: Atlanta.’

In 2012, she released her single ‘Baby You’ which was in collaboration with R Kelly. He became her mentor and friend, though they were romantically involved too. Later, she released a single ‘Build a Man’ in 2014, in which she sang about him.

House, cars and rich lifestyle.

The successful 35-year old K. Michelle officially began her career in 2009 and today she has four albums with the latest one.

Due to such music achievements and her reality TV show appearances, K. Michelle has earned an impressive amount of money throughout her career. She does not only make money from album sales and music but has been on music tours to promote her albums.

Her lavish lifestyle is also due to her entrepreneurship. She opened her Puff & Petals restaurant in Georgia, Atlanta last year. She is the first African – American woman to collaborate and become the face of Jack Daniels.

K. Michelle’s Hollywood lifestyle includes a mansion in ATL, which she recently bought with her fiancé, Doctor Kastan Sims. It is worth around $2 million. She drives a Porsche.

Her lucrative career thus provided her the luxurious lifestyle which she wanted. All the albums, TV shows, songwriting, entrepreneurship makes her worth over $ 10 million. It will increase in the coming years. K. Michelle is one of the top most singer personality and a millionaire businesswoman.

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