How did Jevan Snead die? – Suicide or Drugs Overdose?

Originally posted on September 23, 2019 @ 10:35 pm

Jevan Bryce Snead was an American football who played quarterback for teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was also recently brought on to try out for Tampa Bay Storm. The athlete was also a former student and player for Ole Miss. After the athlete failed to make any headway with football, he switched his attention to managing to consult in Texas. Yesterday, fans of the former quarterback were rocked with the news that Jevan Snead had tragically passed away. How did it die? Was it suicide or drugs?  Find out right here.

How did Jevan Snead die? Death Cause.

On the 22nd of September, news broke that Jevan Snead had died. This was confirmed by the Austin police who arrived at the scene. The police were alerted and responded to a call to unlock a house at South Congress on Saturday night. Some other sources say that were asked to unlock a car. It is reported that Jevan Snead was already dead by the time they arrived on the scene.

While the cause of death was not stated, it is speculated that it could be either suicide or drugs by overdose. Because of the uncertainty of the whole situation, we cannot be sure. If he was discovered in his car, then it would in all likelihood point to suicide.

The same could be said if he was discovered in his apartment. We also cannot rule out an accidental drug overdose. This has been the narrative in most cases when victims are discovered in their home. All we have to go on is speculation at the moment.

Upon first investigating the scene, the authorities came to the conclusion that there was no foul play.  How Jevan Snead, the former quarterback died however still remains unclear, as the investigations are at preliminary stages. While the authorities do not suspect foul play at the moment, this could change once the investigation is conducted thoroughly.

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