“Impractical Jokers” Cast Brian Quinn Net Worth 2021.

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Brian Quinn is an American reality television star. He is a significant part of the popular comedy group, “The Tenderloins.” Brian works alongside James “Murr” Murray, Joseph “Joe” Gatto and Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano. He is an improvisational comic from New York City.

The reality star is known for his incredible comic timings, and also the extent and the craziness of his pranks. Brian and his band of comedians burst onto the scene with their hit reality show, “Impractical Jokers.” It premiered in 2011 and has been running ever since. Know Brian Quinn’s net worth right here.

Brian Quinn’s Net Worth $5 million.

Reality television can earn you a lot of money. It is reported that stars can make anyway between $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 for every episode they appear in.

For a show as popular as the impractical jokers, the figure could be much higher. Brian owes all his money and wealth to his extensive career in comedy. It put him on the map. As such, Brian Quinn has a net worth of $5 million.


Brian Quinn was born in 1976 October. The star’s parents are Carol Murphy and James Quinn. Brian is the middle child in his family and has three brothers.

His ancestry can be dated back to Italian and Irish roots. He keeps his personal life private and doesn’t talk about his family. Brian had a short-lived romance with Emily Amick, who was a make-up artist in the show, “Impractical Jokers.”

Early life.

Brian Quinn attended Monsignor Farrell High School. He was not only an excellent academic but also took part in drama and music.

Brian worked on several musicals such as Bye Bye Birdie, where he played the lead. During his high school days, he also worked as a fish worker at the Fulton Fish Market.

He then attended Brooklyn College, after his graduation. The reality star has previously worked as a ride operator, video clerk, and fireman in the New York City Fire Department.


Brian Quinn found fame very late in his life. He has one of the most diverse, hilarious, and innovative comedic timings. Brian’s pranks are legendary.

The man finds new ways to come up with something new for the audience to enjoy. He is a well-rounded man, boasting the best ideas for pranks, sketches, comedies, stand-ups, and webisodes.

The star has also hosted and taken part in several podcasts. During this, he partnered with a number of famous people around the industry.

This eventually paved the way for him to take part in “Impractical Jokers.” The show would premiere in 2011. Out of the four, Brian Quinn has made the least number of appearances on the show.

Brian Quinn Net Worth
Brian Quinn Net Worth

He also worked in the 1996 movie, War shots. The star also appeared in the film, “12 Monkeys” in 2015. Brian is an animal lover with three cats to his name.

He used one of them regularly to frighten people in the show with pranks and scare tactics. Brian also suffers from arachnophobia, which means that he is terrified of spiders.

The star’s friends know this, and use it against him on the show for pranks. He is also a Star Wars fanatic and a supporter of several football teams.


Brian Quinn is eccentric. His sense of humor is funny, weird, and unhinged. Brian’s comedic uproar gained a platform on reality television.

His pranks, tasks and punishments are the best and funniest of all. He is also one of the most grounded people as he stays close to his roots. This sets him apart from his other team members.

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