Guillermo Rodriguez Salary, Net Worth 2021.

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Guillermo Rodriguez is an American comedian and talk show host who rose to fame for appearing as a parking lot security guard on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! Later on, he became a permanent cast member on the show. Guillermo then took over interviewing roles from late “Uncle Frank” Pitenza. His funny character and ‘hot’ looks have made him gain popularity and numerous fans as a comedian. Read this to know Guillermo’s Net Worth. Know his Salary from the show.

Prior to getting to the limelight, Guillermo Rodriguez was working as a security guard on Hollywood Blvd. He then started performing frequent comedy bits on the show. After proving his natural acting talent in the show, Guillermo Rodriguez started appearing in movies such as Brokeback mountain, Spiderman, and the Simpson’s movie.


Guillermo Rodriguez was born in 1972 in Zacatecas Mexico. Although he appears very outspoken on Television, he has kept all details regarding his childhood life and even his parents a secret. Nothing about where Guillermo was raised or even the name of his parents is known. Guillermo’s beginning in the comedy industry was a humble one, as he started off as a mere security guard during the premiere of the show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ before he became a permanent cast member.

Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth

Guillermo Rodriguez Net Worth: $2 Million. Know about His Salary.

Besides the late night talk show, Guillermo Rodriguez currently acts in Blockbuster movies such as Rock Slyde and Guardians of the Galaxy.

In addition, he acts as a celebrity gossip correspondent in Guillermo’s Hollywood Roundup, interviewing various celebrities. Oftenly, Guillermo Rodriguez goes to NBA finals to interview top basketball players like George Lopez, Jessica Alba, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry.

As of 2021, Guillermo Rodriguez’s net worth is $2 million, an amount he has amassed from the late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” which he has been part of since 2003.

Guillermo Rodriguez’s salary is $500,000 from the show annually.

He was also featured in the episode finale of Univision telenovela Evaluna as a special guest. In 2017, he engaged in a short uncredited role in Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol 2 as a policeman.

Personal Life.

Now you know Guillermo Rodriguez net worth is $2 Million, now know about his personal life.

Guillermo’s personal life is full of bliss, as he is happily married to the love of his life whose name he has preferred to keep hidden. All his marriage details are kept away from the public eye, perhaps because he wants to avoid public scrutiny of his entire private life. The duo welcomed their son to the world on 2nd December 2011. They often flaunt their son on Guillermo’s social media accounts.

49-year-old comedian Guillermo Rodriguez celebrates his birthday on 27th January of every year. He hails from Zacatecas Mexico and currently resides in California with his family. Despite being in the comedy industry for over 15 years now, no details on his education background have been leaked out yet. During his free time, Guillermo enjoyed traveling with his family all over the world.

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