Gucci Mane Net Worth: How Much is Rapper Gucci Mane Worth in 2019?

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Many American Hip Hop artists usually act tough and talk a big game about living in the hood. Most of it is typically exaggerated but not for the rapper Gucci Mane. He peddled hard narcotics for years, landed in prison for it and for killing a man before making music as an underground artist. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves rather too quickly before sequentially telling you of Gucci Mane’s net worth and Career in 2019

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Who is Gucci Mane? 

Born as Radric Delantis Davis in Birmingham, Alabama, the rapper developed a taste for the outlaw life as early as 14. He had his stash of marijuana and cocaine and supplied the neighborhood with his big brother. At the same time, Gucci was a versatile songwriter and dropped his first mixtape called La Flare in 2001. Similarly, he partnered up with Zaytoven a year later to make a record label, LaFlare Entertainment.

On the other hand, that same year proved somewhat troublesome for Gucci Mane. He shot and killed a man in self-defense that ultimately got him tried for murder. Nevertheless, he continued working on his music even behind bars and released a debut album called Trap House in 2005.

Gucci Mane Net Worth

Consequently, Mane signed under Big Cat and Tommy Boy records to release another titled Hard to Kill. Initially, his first mixtape with So Icy Entertainment was Chicken Talk followed by Ice Attack in 2007. The rappers net worth is defined by his solo work as well as a collaborative take with many artists.

Nonetheless, he also developed some feuds with other artists like Young Jeezy, Keyshia Cole, Yung Joc, and Waka Flocka Flame.

Work Highlight

Though Gucci Manes net worth is in the form of 14 studio albums and 72 mixtapes. However, his legacy that lives on to this day is pioneering the Hip Hop subgenre, Trap Music with T.I and Young Jeezy. As a result, the rapper has been labeled the Avatar of East Atlanta

Equally important, only two of the rapper’s 14 albums have been certified Gold by the RIAA. They are The State vs. Radric Davis in 2009 and Mr. Davis in 2017. Conversely, some of his biggest collaborative tracks are I Get the Bag featuring Migos and Wake Up in The Sky featuring Bruno Mars and Kodak Black.

Gucci Mane Net Worth 2019: $12 Million.

He started by selling CDs and currently has an empire full of records with influence all over the world. Analogous to music, the rapper is also a great actor. He delivered solid performances as Archie in the movie, Spring Breakers which hit theaters in 2012.

Otherwise, he has also made a tremendous effort in the apparel department by funding and distributing his clothing line. If you thought, he owns the Gucci designer label then you are off course. Instead, he calls his line Delantic Clothing, and you can find it on his website.

As an A-list rapper, Gucci Mane net worth in 2019 is $12 million.

Houses and cars Details.

The rapper excels as a flamboyant artist always covered in jewelry and top-notch accessories. Similarly, he resides in a mansion in Marietta worth $9 million. You can also find him cooped up in his Fort Lauderdale home in Florida.

When it comes to cars, Gucci deals only with foreign brands. He owns the Ferrari 458 Italia and the 612. Moreover, he drives a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Bentley Mulsanne, A Dodge Charger SRT8, and the Challenger.

Name Radric Delantic Davis
Net worth $12 million
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Spouse Keyshia Ka’oir
Age 39
Birthdate February 12th, 1980.

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