What happened to Filthy Frank? Is YouTuber Filthy Frank Dead or Alive? 

Originally posted on October 6, 2019 @ 3:39 pm

Filthy Frank will forever be remembered as the whackiest YouTuber of his generation. A lot of memes and internet trolls came out from his creative ingenuity, and that’s not even the best part. Fans got more than they bargained for when he played multiple characters in more than one YouTube channel. However, he now goes by a different name, which begs the question; what happened to Filthy Frank? Is he dead or alive? Let’s find out together.

Is YouTube Filthy Frank Dead or Alive?

First and foremost, let’s quickly dispense all the rumors flying around that Filthy Frank is dead. Ever since he left YouTube, an internet frenzy crept up, inciting his fans with the notion that he died horribly. The story sold surprisingly well, fooling countless people presumably from his absence on YouTube.

However, he resurfaced in 2017 under the pseudonym, Joji, and a revamped career. That said, Filthy Frank is very much alive to this date. However, whether he is healthy or not is an entirely different topic.

What Happened to Filthy Frank? Why did he leave YouTube?

December 29th, 2017 is the date that Filthy Frank gave up his comedy crown and got reborn as Joji. Moreover, fans weren’t entirely happy with the official statement he released, highlighting the reasons why he left.

“Unfortunately, i no longer enjoy producing that content.” He also added, “several serious health concerns including but not limited to; throat tissue damage and neurological conditions.”

The latter maybe a little too serious considering they induced seizures. Regardless, he took up a new career in music fusing the genres, trap, folk, electronic, and R&B. Some of his albums and EP as Joji include Ballads 1 and In Tongues, which topped the Billboard charts.

Filthy Frank currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, but often flies out to Los Angeles to work on his music. Now that you’re all caught up with his current status let’s have a look at his legacy and other unknown facts.

Filthy Frank Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Wiki-Bio

Filthy Frank or Joji was born as George Miller on September 18th, 1992, in Osaka, Japan. He has Austrian and Asian descent. However, after his parents died at the age of 8, his uncle, Frank, raised him in to practically an adult.

By the age of 18, Miller moved to Brooklyn, New York, for his collegiate studies. In 2008, the former YouTuber uploaded his first video with his music group, Tempura Boyz. Childish Gambino often comes up as his musical inspiration.

Shortly after, Filthy Frank was born together with his other personalities, including Pink Guy. The character and his pink wearing zentai costumes became the It thing; prompting worldwide trends like the Harlem Shake dance.

Moreover, he even inspired giant YouTubers like PewDiePie, iDubbbz, and many more. As we speak, Filthy Frank or Joji has an astounding net worth of $1.3 million.

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